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Josef Lemberger (Old Kor)
Tournament Report - 2E - Online Event
2020-09-26 - 12:00 PM
TOSTemporal Incident
Tried to build a TOS-Deck with the new Spock + one of the new Temporal Mission. Julius gave the hint to combine it with an Overwhelmes-Dilemma-Pile and than of course 3x •Leonard H. McCoy, Chief Medical Officer is essential. I added Energize to gget easy hands on NA-Personnel like Lore, •Soval, Vulcan Ambassador or •Sybok, Fanatical Missionary. Going for Space first, than the Temporal mission and Secure strategic Base last. Runabout search is planned as "back up", in case something goes wrong - and I need it against Jonathan.

Round 1BorgSebastian KirsteinML (-50)
Seppl's BORG frightened me - I feared getting assimilated. And he blew away my Energize and my Temporal Incursion: This really put on my breakes :-(. We both slowly deployed our troups and in a kind of mind game he "cheated" through the space mission and the time was up. Well done, Seppl!

Round 2DS9Michael Van BreemenFW (+100)View opponent's Report
Michael always gives me lesson and so i motivated myself: Let's go for an other one, what will he teaching me this time? But I got out a good awayteam very quickly and in the first attemptet on the space mission I succeeded. Michael drew dilemmas for a planet attempt - lucky me! Going for the planet - I maneged to go through in the second attempt - Michaels drew a lot for spave attempts and I thought he is going easy on me. But he swore that his mechanics (both - draw and dilemma) didn't work. I pressed on to the third mission and managed a full win. Afterwards he talked me through his deck and I saw what his Dabo-Girls had to offer.

Round 3Non-AlignedJon CarterFW (+35)View opponent's Report
Jon stalled me far to long on the space mission and his Legacy-Pile did his fair share of annoying me - well done, sir! He solved planet first and I had to go for my back-up plan (Runabout search). I attempted with 10 and wth Shaken Confidence he stopped three. Lucky me I had the right personnel for the following Flare of Rage and I solved for a FW.

Closing Thoughts
Even withou any Interrupts TOS are fast & strong - definitely fun. Sebastian, Michael, Jon - thanks, you are fine and patient chaps.