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Arjan Hoek (arjan242)
Tournament Report - 1E - New Bajor Regional
2016-05-01 - 12:15 PM
RomulanSome new Romulan schemes
New Bajor 1E Regional. I wanted to build a Romulan deck that made use of the Prometheus with the Multivector Assault Mode for quite a while so I decided to give it a go for this tournament. Originally it was planned as a 3 round tournament but because we were with only 5 people we decided to change it to 5 rounds so everybody got to play against everybody and everybody would once have a Bye. It kinda sucks to spend hours on building a deck and then only play 2 rounds and have a Bye.

Round 1oscar rubergFW (+5)
Oscar played a deck that I really didn't want to face, an all DQ deck. I had no way to travel to the DQ so all my offensive cards were quite useless against him. It came down to solving missions. Since he had no AQ mission he had to score 140 points for the win. He started off quite quickly solving some universal space missions with ease. He passed my combo of Armus: Energy Field / The Clown Bitter Medicine (naming 'navigation') / Subspace Shock Wave without a scratch with one of his Hirogen personnel with cunning 9 plus a boost from a hirogen disrupter rifle. The second mission cost him a bit more trouble due to The Arsenal: Separated (stopping 4 personnel)/ Shall We Begin Again (stopping 2 personnel) / Friendly Fire (killing 1 personnel and preventing him from solving for my next 2 turns), but the requirements for hiss universal space missions are so easy, an Alpha Hirogen plus more weapons than opponent at that location, that I knew he would be able to solve it as soon as Friendly fire got out of the way. He then tried one of his planet missions but got stuck at Hippocratic Oath / Males Love Interest & Tarellian Plague Ship / Medical Crisis. Two personnel got sent away, one discarded and Medical Crisis stopped him. One turn later though he reported Dr. mcCoy and got rid of Medical crisis to solve the mission. He now had 90 points and only had to solve his 55 point planet mission. Meanwhile I started to bust through dilemmas and solved my Supervise Dilithium Mine mission for 45 points (with 2 mission specialists), but got stopped at Investigate Sighting II by I believe Ankari Spirits. He then got stuck at my Buried Alive / The Arsenal: Divided because he had too little integrity in his crew. Integrity was his weak point with the holographic NA Doctor with No Integrity and several other low integrity personnel. I then got to solve Investigate Sighting II and Cloaked Mission (with HQ: Secure Homeworld) for the win, 100-95.

Round 2Non-AlignedEnrico EvinkML (-23)
Enrico started to continuously playing Ceti Eels, downloading Deyos to his Husnock Outpost, playing Khan-related personnel and in subsequent turns downloading Jem'hadar support personnel. His outpost was right inbetween my HQ's and my outpost. After having downloaded a Jem'hadar Warship he came to visit me at my HQ, and robbed me from my Senator Cretak and Smiley (whom I had downloaded with I'm A Doctor, Not A Bricklayer to fuel my draw engine). Luckily I still could build quite a formidable force with the Prometheus, the Scimitar (both with matching commander) and teh universal Battle cruiser. With those three ships I decided to attack his Jem'hadar Warship that was docked at his Husnock Outpost. He by now had the Reliant in play (also docked) with Khan aboard and the Genesis Device, which he had obtained using Secret Compartment. My Senator Cretak was aboard his Reliant so I couldn't target that vessel. But getting the warship out of the way would mean he couldn't beam aboard anymore so my personnel would be safe aboard my ships. The 3 ships got to a whopping 43 weapons with all the stat boosters and that resulted in a direct hit and the loss of his warship and some personnel. He returned fire but forgot that the multivector assault interrupt also gave a +5 shields boost to the Prometheus so my ship survived without a scratch. By now he was scoring 30 bonus points every turn. So I had to start solving some missions. My solving aspirations ended when a ship full of personnel hit his Disgraceful Assault / Tarellian Plague Ship combo where everybody died. When time was called he won with a MW.

Round 3RomulanStarfleetMichael MaesFW (+100)
Michael played a rather surprising deck with 3 time locations. We shared two missions, Cloaked Mission and Free Orion Slaves. After 15 minutes I had visited and killed his 2 Orions on the planet and 4 klingons on The augment facility. Then I started hunting his Starfleet vessel. In the meantime I was building a solving team on my HQ's. I felt sorry for Michael for obliterating a lot of his personnel, but then again, that's what this deck is meant to do. With Michael recouperating from my attacks I had time to start attempting missions and fairly quickly got to solve three missions for the 100 needed points before Michael got a point on the scoreboard.

Round 4CardassianRem BoonMW (+4)
Rem played with a I think 100 card draw deck. Him using 2 homeworlds was not good for me, cause I couldn't attack him there. Every turn he had so much to do with his Terok Nor, downloading a site, shopping in The Promenade, processing ore, playing Dabo, some free plays it was hard to keep track of everything. I tried to keep the pressure on him by sending my Prometheus his way. He used Quinn on my Captain's Log. But I still had 10 and 01 to download Bynars Weapon Enhancement and downloaded a Tactical console when docked to my outpost. Defiant Dedication Plaque gave me a range of 12, so he had to maneuver carefully. Dabo gave him lots of points. He attempted one of his space missions with about 5 personnel. Lost 1 of them to Disgraceful Assault and couldn't get past the requirements so got stopped. I shot down his ship. He was spitting out personnel though it seemed every turn while I was drawing disasterously. It took a real long time to get my draw and play engines going. He managed to get a mission solved with HQ: Secure Homeworld (Orb Negotiations). I ran into a Higher The Fewer and lost 9 points but managed to solve after getting stopped for a turn by his Your Galaxy Is Impure / Arms Deal iirc. Eventually I scored a MW when my Tallus saved me with his 5 Mission Specialist bonus points that did count at that mission even though I had faced Altonian Brain teaser there because I had the dual personnel Data and Picard with me who were stopped as most cunning personnel with a total cunning of 20! We had to look it up but fortunately for me they got to combine their cunning for the dilemma. Rem had the last turn when time was called and attempted the mission he had abandonded earlier after having faced Disgraceful assault there with another ship. He now encountered Abandon Ship! (which fizzled cause he had no damaged ship) but got stopped in his tracks by The Whale Probe which secured my victory.

Round 5ByeBY (0)
my turn for the Bye, so nothing to do but hope that Enrico wouldn't win from Rem. Which he ofcourse did anyway.

Closing Thoughts
Great day of Trek, very nice to play a tournament of 5 rounds for a change, especially with my STCCG friends. Bummer that again I had to lose from Enrico.