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Keith Morris (Foreman)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Andoria Regional
2011-04-02 - 12:00 PM
FerengiFerengi Nonsense- Fargo Regional Version
So I'm really trying to get these ferengi to work, but they are still a bit Janky.

Round 1BorgJerad BerhowMW (0)View opponent's Report
As soon as I sat down and saw Unicomplex, I got a bit worried. Jerad had said he would probably be playing a different deck today, but I guess he lied or changed his mind. Luckily I knew his deck pretty well, since I had studied it a bit. I managed to avoid being assimilated for quite a few turns, which allowed me to get my first planet mission. When time was called, Jerad finished his turn with 65 points (He used 5 points on a Knowledge and Experince). I was sitting at only 40 and had one card left in my draw deck, so Jerad Interlinked his whole deck. I managed to play exactly 7 counters from my hand, which meant that I got to play my last turn, and I completed my space mission to put me at 70 points. Modified win, but I was happy to have passed the borg deck. MW 70-65

Round 2KlingonJody LambFL (0)View opponent's Report
Jody Crushed me. My deck was a bit clogged at the beginning of the game meaning I had several turns where I had to discard down to 7. I stupidly dropped one of my 3 ships into my discard pile. (Don't do this when playing against klingons.) I did get a few personnel out, and went to attempt a mission. I knew Jody liked to play TT piles, but his pile was so big, I figured he must be doing something else. He then proceded to grab TT using Not Easily Avoided, and wiped out my 6 man crew, which would have been OK excpet that I was short 1 staffing icon on my ship, I should have attempted with 5. I managed to get a few more attempts in, but he used univited to grab 0 cost dilemmas to throw at me, which proved very effective with a tragic turn on the mission. My dilemma pile was pretty useless against his klingons. FL 0-100

Round 3TNGMatthewScott DaleFW (0)
This game was probably my best starting hand. I was double teaming my planet mission by my third turn. Unfortunately for me MatthewScott had a couple of timescapes in his dilemma pile, so that slowed me down. By the time he had his ship staffed, I was already on my second mission. He managed to cmoplete his mission for 45 points though, the turn before I finished my last mission. FW 100-45

Round 4VoyagerChris VolkFW (0)
My deck was workign pretty well against Chris, and I think I was off atempting on my 3rd turn again. He also used timescapes to slow me down. Chris made some mistakes on his side of the table though that meant a lot of his people ended up in his disacard pile. He didn't really ever recover from that. FW 100-0