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Nathan W (Naetor)
Tournament Report - 2E - The Neutral Zone Regional
2020-05-01 - 12:00 AM
BajoranThe Pah-Wraiths Demand a Sacrifice
This deck is pretty crazy, with the new 50 point Bajoran mission being the perfect card for a deck that was already pretty good (old version here: https://www.trekcc.org/decklists/index.php?mode=viewdeck&deckID=40366). It's a strong deck in standard that is even better with the exclusion of An Issue of Trust. It plays differently than most other decks. Each turn you want to end your turn with 6 or ideally 7 cards to use the Ceti Alpha Text (7 let's you keep your "best card"). So you almost draw a new hand every turn. Many of the cards in the deck get much stronger from the discard pile, and with many retrieval options there's nothing too detrimental to lose. A few of my opponents called this an innovative deck, but it's ultimately the extension of a series of Bajoran decks designed by a local player, Thomas Vineberg, that I saw first-hand (https://www.trekcc.org/tournament/index.php?mode=viewdeck&deckID=36091) - just a bit more evil :D

Round 1Non-AlignedLucas ThompsonFW (+70)
Lucas was playing holograms with a Bread and Circuses deck. After solving Denorios Belt, I used Krim to call out Underlying Influence. The Lackey server crashed with me ahead and limited dilemma options for him, so he conceded instead of trying to recreate the gamestate since it was going to be a few turns behind.

Round 2KlingonBenjamin LiebichFW (+65)
Ben was playing a battle-orientated Klingon deck but couldn't draw an Officer to use for his events. He slowed me down a bit, but collapsing the wormhole hurt him badly and I was able to speed to a victory.

Round 3DominionBrian SykesFW (+70)View opponent's Report
Brian was playing a 2-mission win deck with Jemmies and the new Earth. That's a hard mission to solve, and I canceled a Jem Hadar Ambush with Ancient Grudge to put the game out of reach.

Round 4RelativityOliver ThustFW (+100)
Oliver was playing Relativity - the first time I've seen Relativity in HoF! On turn 1, before I had even spent a counter, I had Kira and 3x Brin in play- wow! Ancient Grudge canceled his recurring Temporal Transporters and Krim again took out Underlying Influence and I was able to quickly solve my 2 planet missions.

Closing Thoughts
This is certainly a top-tier deck. Very fast, huge attributes, many skills and skill gains, and very robust. It's major susceptibilities are An Issue of Trust and Biogenic Weapon - both not available in HoF. As a Standard deck, you can modify accordingly.