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Nathan W (Naetor)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Worlds Day Two
2011-08-06 - 06:00 AM
RomulanNate Wineinger's 2011 Worlds Day 2 Deck
So I managed to barely squeek into the top 16. I only really made it due to my Continentals bye. I debated constructing some new decks after being disgusted how my big guns (Borg and Romulan) played in the two Day 1 heats. In the end, I chose an updated version of my Continentals winning Romulan deck -- but here's where I made a big mistake. I wanted to cut the deck down to make it as fast as possible, and efficient. In that aspect, I think it succeeded brilliantly. However, I didn't really think about the missions, and what I was losing by removing some personnel. I ended up losing game 3 right here.

Round 1RomulanTobias RausmannFL (0)
So Tobias sits down and reveals big Romulan, but with Access Contamination. I was pretty surprised that he'd play it against me. It's easily the deck I know best and where it's weaknesses are. Game 1 I went first, dropped Hiren and was off to the races. He did drop Viceroy down on his first turn, so he wasn't too far behind. But I was comfortably in the lead all game. My bonus points were working, and I FSE'd away Donatra and Navaar to exploit his skill holes. I was about 2 missions deep when he started using Tal'Aura on me to get rid of Donatra and some others -- but it wasn't a big deal. He dropped Picking Up the Pieces on me as I completed my second mission which stopped a few, but when I went for my last mission he played Whispers (which now hit) followed by Sylvia (which hit due to Whispers). Ouch. I took a turn or two to set back up to go re-attempt. By now time was getting short and got called during my last attempt. He ended up stopping me, but it would be an autosolve next turn. At his mission I buried dilemmas to get the win: 80-60 or something. Game two Tobias chose for me to go first, and my hand was pretty crappy. Meanwhile he dropped down Viceroy on turn 1 again. I did get him to waste a few FSEs on personnel I already had in my hand, but he was going pretty fast with the Viceroy downloading all his speed. Meanwhile I was going slow, I had some terrible luck too which made Tobias comment that I used up all my luck in game 1. But I thought I had him until he used Picard at Access Contamination to shuffle my dilemmas. This screwed my combo and he ended up solving. I think this game went to time as well, but he was in the lead at the end. So it all came down to game 3. I was debating going first or last. Last would give me the Viceroy, but I didn't think he was absolutely necessary to win. Afterall, Tobias couldn't play Viceroy turn 1 for the third game in a row...or could he? I chose to go first and liked what I had. I dropped down Energize and Tal (no Viceroy). On his turn Tobias dropped down Viceroy (UGH!). So here I changed my gameplan. I refused to play ANY events knowing that Tobias couldn't afford his expensive personnel without At What Cost? and bonus points, so I would beat him this game with speed. It worked out brilliantly -- I had two missions done before he went out and attempted -- except for one thing. Remember when I said in the introduction that I wasn't thinking about my missions in this deck. Well, I played Investigate Sighting but I only had 3 Tals, 2 Seteks, and 1 Noram in my draw deck. Well, on my first mission attempt at Investigate Sighting Tobias draws dilemmas and says, "eww..I think you are going to solve". He gives me only Inequitable Exchange. Well the dummy in me left Noram at my HQ, so he captured Tal to remove my mission skill from the attempt. If I would've brought Noram I'd have won this game. I didn't have the range to get to my HQ and back, so I went to my planet. Anyways, sometime along completing my 2 planet missions, Ruwon got Secret Identity'd, and Noram got He Wasn't Nice'd. When he did that I remembered I was short on Exobiology, and with Tal captured removing Data, Koval, and Maras the night before was going to bite me in the ass. Well, one Setek got ate by an Energize and Tobias nixt'd my last Setek with an FSE -- which was enough to lock me out of space. Wow. The rest of the game was me really doing nothing. I couldn't meet the planet and space victory condition -- and there was too much time left in the game. I might have been able to stall a timed win, but I thought that'd be pretty bush league. In the end he eventually got planet and space and I conceded the match to him. It was pretty crappy. I thought my deck (other than 1 mission) was quite better than his version, and any chance to redeem myself from Day 1 was shot. Tobias ended up losing close to Neil (2-1), so I would've liked my chances against him. This deck also does good against Maquis so I might have had a good chance against Geoffrey. I'm not sure about Mike's NWS. I'd probably just try and mega-attempt and hope to stack dilemmas. So yeah, I should've played Investigate Rogue Comet instead.

Round 2Missed GameMG (0)

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