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Fritz Meissner (Fritzinger)
Tournament Report - 2E - The Neutral Zone Regional
2014-05-17 - 02:00 PM
BajoranReanimating Integrity Freaks, Attribute Bonuses, and 40 point-ers v1

I introduced everyone to the game over the last 18 months. After a first demo I start people with netdecks because building decks from scratch is not for the faint of heart. Further, the game at the pace of the virtual starters is IMO not that enjoyable. For my part, I wanted to fly something original, but I had to choose something that didn't particularly give me an advantage for knowing the other players' decks.

I went with the obvious combination of Bajoran RtG back from the dead cards + expensive dudes + First Officer Kira, then threw in every possible card drawing trick and integrity boost. Bareil + Sisko = 24 integrity!

Round 1TNGThomas van HeerdenFW (+65)
I went first, but after Tom started attempting with his speedy TNG solver on turn 3 I decided to start missions one turn before I normally would (turn 5 normally, turn 4 in this case). I stopped him at least three times at his first mission and had less difficulty at my own missions.

Round 2StarfleetBrandon OosthuizenMW (+25)
Very close game. Gomtuu slowed him down, but my last turn started with Brandon ahead on points (one 40 point space mission to my 20 point Celestial Temple). I solved a 40 point planet mission to get ahead 60-40, but Brandon went second, so if he solved a second mission he would take the MW. The last dilemma of the game filtered out enough of his crew for me to take it.

Round 3RelativityantoinefFW (+65)
We were both drawing hard and discarding at the start of the game, him to get Temporal Transporters, me to get FO Kira. By the time I did get her the spiritual explorations were already in play and I got a big boost. I think I was stopped once at Denorios Temple by Back to Basics, and completed my planets in one attempt each on one turn. 59th minute win, um, for the win!

Closing Thoughts

Despite its ridiculous size (I actually meant to do some slimming down but didn't have time) the deck was fairly consistent. I managed to get all my 4/5 cost people in play every game, without ever paying their cost in counters. Kira is a nett even in terms of counters to draw and discard, but of course there's the flexibility of being able to choose the cards you use from a larger pool than a deck which isn't drawing so much. Spiritual Exploration and Accession tilt the counter balance further in my favour.

Once the crew was set it was very hard to stop because of huge attributes and good skill redundancy.

That said, there were other decks I printed that would've given this deck problems. Kruge, Mirror TOS battle, and Wariness could all have caused the house of cards to come tumbling down. However the Klingon and TOS players didn't show up, and Jan opted to play with just a Romulan starter instead of the Wariness deck I printed for him. Kudos to him for getting two wins regardless (he is new to the game and didn't know that it is hard to solve missions with just a starter :) )!