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Kyle Schewe (caravanhymn)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Rura Penthe Regional
2011-05-14 - 11:00 AM
KlingonBlast the Stars
This was my first Regional, and my plan was to hopefully win 1 game!

Round 1VoyagerMike RudolphFW (0)
Turn 3 I had drawn Kruge into my hand, I already had a ship out, and I had Precise Strike in my hand. Playing against a Voyager deck, Mike had nowhere to hide, and I took over his ship and his crew went into my Brig. Mike lost some key Personnel to his deck too. He had to get more than 5 people on his next ship, or I would Kruge him again and send his Personnel. With some tricks he did, but it was too late, I ended up crushing my 1st and 2nd Mission, both with 1 attempt. Game was done in a bit over 1/2 an hour. This was only my second tournament, and I felt pretty good about it.

Round 2RomulanKeith MorrisFL (0)View opponent's Report
I had a poor starting hand. I drew into all my expensive Personnel, I didn't draw a Ship until well into the game (and I have more ships in this deck than most other decks have), and Keith drew a great hand. He walked all over me, and a few mistakes I had playing Dilemnass, and the game was over in about 40 minutes.

Round 3BorgMike ReidMW (0)
Mike (or Oboe) and I had a fun game. The game definitely went my way. The key events were my choice in Mission attempts. I had a BaH! out to get me enough points for a FW, BUT I forgot how awesome the Queen's Borg Sphere is. So to get a FW I would have to complete all 4 of my missions. Fail, only MW.