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Niall Matthew (sexecutioner)
Tournament Report - 1E Official - Omarion Nebula Regional
2012-05-13 - 10:00 AM
FerengiTake off your clothes and jacket...
Well a year has passed since my first tournament... I thought I'd try a Ferengi deck with some shady Mercenaries thrown in, using Let's see what's out there and surprise party for additional draws. Block is balanced and awesome, the key is knowing the dilemmas and the potential combos. Just watch out for those Klingon Bastards...

Round 1FederationAndy TaylorFL (-40)
I got first dibs on returning player Andy, who was playing Feds with scientific Diplomacy. I had my eye on that metaphasic mission as soon as it was seeded, however Andy was playing with absolutly NO fear whatsoever and started to attempt it on turn 2. He hit Whale Probe sooner than I thought, as I didn't have the skills to steal it off him. A couple of skirmishes with Ferengi Military Operations boosted my points up to 35, however he went straight for the jugular again and attempted a planet mission, Which thanks to Friendly Fire, stopped the attempt for a couple of turns. I hit a Dead End at my space mission and hit another wall on my planet mission. Andy completed his planet mission boosting him upto 75 points. The next turn was the winner for him as we exhausted both our draw decks. Good on you son :) 75-35 to you.

Round 2KlingonPaddy TyeFW (+100)
I'm overly cautious with Klingons these days, so the most important time in this game was the facility phase. Thankfully we were at opposite ends so it was a mission slugfest. I made sure I had the firepower out first incase he came for me. I initially encountered Founder Secret at my planet. So instead I went for a space Mission, where I placed the Genesis Effect and called The Arsenal: divided (I always seem to get that one right) After two missions I returned to the mission with Founder Secret and calculated just over 70 strength in my 12-13 person away team (Ferengis are wusses) and It was followed by Fractured Time, which I anticipated. 110-0 to me. A fun game dude thank you.

Round 3KlingonDanny NuttallFW (+30)
This was brutal... If it was a wrestling match It would have been a Steel Cage match filled with steel chairs. Danny was playing a Klingon battle deck. Instantly he moved to my outpost and begun destroying my ships. once he got a Target Shields as a damage marker on my outpost, I managed to pull out Ablative Armour (or Armor if your American) At this point he had five ships at my outpost and I Genuinally thought the game was his. So I decided to focus soley on battle and began targeting his ships one by one. We were destroying a lot of each others cards. He even beamed onto my outpost and picked a fist fight with some of my guys. Thankfully Ferengi Military Operations was giving me 5 points for winning some battles and extra draws to replace the ships he took out. Eventually I managed to criplle his fleet of becoming too much of a threat (taking heavy losses myself) Near the end of the game I took a big risk... We almost exhausted our draw decks. If I played Get It Done, then I could regroup and begin doing some missions. however he could play Isomagnetic Disintegrator and regroup his forces too. So I decided to exhaust my deck causing the game to finish. 35-5 to myself One of the best games I've ever played. This game was a great example of interaction whilst learning new things from each other (I had better watch out next time. You'll be planning your revenge :P )