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Niall Matthew (sexecutioner)
Tournament Report - 1E - British National
2012-11-25 - 11:00 AM
BorgGet Over Here!!!
159 Cards... Cubes at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant... Multiple Counterparts... Undetected Beam Ins... Former Drones Recovered... Transport Inhibitor Bypasses... The Borg return to the UK Nationals

Round 1FerengiDanny NuttallFL (-100)View opponent's Report
My first round was with my long time sparring partner Danny, who was causing some TNG Ferengi lockout mischief. I thought that maybe this time I can have a chance against him. However I made a fatal mistake in the seed phase which caused me to travel the full spaceline to get danny. even worse, my opening hand didn't have the All important SOG queen in order to trigger my juggernaught. being delayed for a few turns more than i hope left Danny to cautiosly go through my Dilemmas while he gained FMO points via shooting Empock Nor. The win was his before I could get my Cube to his area. I wonder how the game could have been had I not made a seeding mistake and drew my SOG Queen... 100-0 to Danny well done again sir! :)

Round 2Peter H. MøllerFW (+60)
Now I knew how my deck worked I was ready to unleash pain. Peter was TNG Feds. I placed my Transwarp Gateway and TWBC at opposite ends of the spaceline this time. opening hand SOG and FC Queen. I started my engine while Pete kept playing personnel and ships, including USS Enterprise and Borg Picard, targeted picard with Reassimilate Lost Drone. He then attempted some missions. He hit a dead end forcing him to trigger my contingency plan combo. 4 Drones, including a Twins, which i promptly DL Maturation chamber: 4 red drones and the twins. Enterprise assimilated, I grabbed Spock AND Data for both my Counterparts whilst Targetting Humans and Worf for drones. Peter kept trying mission after mission with what little personnel he had left but I managed to get over 140 points, more than half from objectives

Round 3FerengiPaddy TyeML (-69)View opponent's Report
The 'S-Curved Spaceline' was fun on this one. Another Ferengi Deck. Very little happened for the first 3/4s of this game. I realised I hadn't stocked a Multiplexor against his armada of Marauders, which he was wisely keeping together So I was waiting for the right time to strike. so i moved in, he attacked me so i damaged his ship with a transport inhibitor, determined assault let me steal it. Realising my ship was doomed, I beamed over to the damaged ferengi ship via Assimilate Counterpart targeting Daimon Bok. I abducted him but then time was called. A suspensful game Paddy, very enjoyable.

Round 4Non-AlignedHirogenAndrew Mark AlcockMW (+80)
Mark was playing Hirogen; awesome! skill beasts to add to my distinctiveness. On turn 4 I went for Hajur as a counterpart. He tripped my Con Plan Combo, and as with Pete, the ship was mine. He tried to get through missions but my task force of Drones kept disrupting him and taking away key skills via assimilation. One was abducted but I choose to focus on assimilating Hirogen as drones and Tractor Locking his ships. Time out on this one. Apologies again for the headache deck :P

Closing Thoughts
This deck is very fast and a conveyer belt of efficiency by turn 4. My only change would be to add a Multiplexor Drone. The 12 spaceline concept was fun and took my opponents by surprise. A fun deck to play. Thanks all the opponents and well done Danny for keeping your title.