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Eric Robinett (rycar60)
Tournament Report - 2E Sealed
2011-04-03 - 12:00 PM
TNGTNG starter plus some packs
I wasn't too sure which starter I would use for this tournament, and initially I was going to play Romulan, but I made a last minute decision to play TNG. That choice seems seems to have paid off in the end. My packs were another issue. I went with 2 Premiere packs, 1 Captain's Log, and 1 What You Leave Behind. With the Premiere packs I was just hoping to get a few more TNG or NA personnel to fill out the team and I got 4 plus a couple decent dilemmas, so not that bad. From Captain's Log the hope was dilemmas, something like An Issue of Trust, Necessary Execution, Hull Breach, or Last Gasp. I got 1, and Temporal Conduit, so as good as I can expect with only 1 pack. Finally, WYLB this was probably a mistake. There aren't enough useful dilemmas or personnel to justify using a pack, maybe a Minor Revolt, He wasn't Nice, or Occupational Hazard. I did get a cheap ship, low range, but it came in handy.

Round 1RomulanRick KinneyFW (+70)
I'm used to playing Rick at the end of a tournament, but not a the beginning. This got me nervous, a loss in the first round would have me playing catch-up the rest of the tournament. Lucky for me, Rick was having a hard time drawing the skills he needed, so this gave me an early start on mission solving. And, I got lucky with Ornaran Treat, Impressive Trophy, and a few others to really set Rick back. But, Rick was doing the same to me, sending 2 personnel under my deck and killing a couple more. In the end, I won the battle of attrition finished my 3 missions.

Round 2KlingonSarah NymeyerFW (+75)
This is Sarah's prize for winning her first game. She did a good job of stopping my attempts, but she gave a few too many dilemmas letting me sneak by with some micro-teams.

Round 3RomulanJoanne KinneyFW (+30)
Joanne my nemesis. She had tricks. Twice she squeezed by my dilemmas with Shady Resources. It came down to the fact that she had no medical or biology, and I could keep drawing into Recurring Injury. She had 2 missions complete and 18 personnel out, but couldn't get the last mission. We were tied when time was called. I had enough for 2 attempts at my last mission with 2 under. I went with 8, but she drew into trash, and could only stop 1, so another full win and tournament win under my belt.