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Eric Robinett (rycar60)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Cardassia Regional
2011-04-10 - 12:00 PM
BorgYour life as it has been is over.
This was an amazing tournament. I saw a variety of amazing decks, and great strategies. I thank and congratulate everyone that has been participating in our league and those that came out for the Regional. I especially want to thank Rick for running all our tournaments! Now, with out further ado here are the round reports as best I can remember.

Round 1TOSRick KinneyMW (+70)
This game didn't start out well for me. I didn't draw into any personnel to help me out, no Fourth, no Third, no First, no Quintessence, and no ships. Rick went off early to a space mission with 6 personnel, and I drew into some horrible dilemmas. The only usable dilemma was Swashbuckler at Heart, so I tossed that down to get some extra cards and expected Rick to take the mission, but I lucked out and it was a bluff by Rick. Due to the range, it took Rick 2 turns to get some more people out to the mission, and this gave me more time to get stuff out, but no luck on a ship. Rick attempted again, and this time I was able to shut him down with a few kills and stops, so another 2 turns to resupply. Finally, I got a ship out, and managed to finish Assimilate Resistance. Rick got a few more attempts in, and I stopped him with an Uninvited Royal Hunt, and again with an Endangered Royal Hunt, placed on top of my dilemma pile by Restore Errant Moon. I think in the end, I finished Restore Errant Moon for a MW 70 - 0.

Round 2CardassianSean O'ReillyMW (+25)
This was my first experience with Cardassian capture, and I was struggling through this match. I don't think he attempted any missions, but he sure slowed me down. He gained 20 points from Labor Camp, lost 5 from using Odo, and gained 30 from 2 Prison Compounds. I was able to finish 2 missions on the last turn and pull out a MW 70-45. The first misson had a pile of dilemmas under it, so that was an easy walk, and at the second mission I was able to Knowledge and Experience my way through for a fast solve.

Round 3CardassianJohn KinneyFW (+70)
More Cardassian capture, yuck. John played Silaran Prin and names Two of Nine. So, I promptly Quintessence for Two of Nine and play him in the hopes that he will kill Silaran to kill Two, and he does. This gives me a personnel in his discard pile to grab with Assimilate Resistance. I walk through Assimilate Resistance by queen swapping up a storm and take Silaran. I still have range so I run over to Restore Errant Moon, and John manages to capture Silaran... we'll come back to that. I end up completing the mission on the next turn and I've played 3 Annexation Drones to bring my total up to 90. By this point John has 4 or 5 of my personnel in the brig including the Queen, so completing another mission is out of the question. I burn a One With the Borg to score 5 points for the captured assimilated Silaran, and I have another in hand. I think John played 2 Prison Compounds to score 30 points off a bunch of other captives he managed to grab. I finish things off with another 5 points from One With the Borg for a FW 100-30.

Round 4DS9Joanne KinneyFW (+100)
Joanne goes out early for a space mission, and I give her some crazy TT stack. I end up destaffing her ship by putting 6 dilemmas under the mission. In the mean time, I complete Assimilate Resistance and Restore Errant Moon, and I grab the 2 stranded personnel on the ship with The Will of the Collective. Joanne gets another ship and crew over to the mission. She decides to go with 9, so I use Uninvited to grab Toe to Toe, and burn an Endangered to give me 6 to draw and spend. This doesn't turn out well for her crew, and there are now 13 dilemmas under the mission. I fly over and use my 1 Invasion Drone to beam everyone to her ship, except for 2 assimilated personnel. Then, I use a couple Unrelentings to grab some more people, Harvest Drone grabs another, and 2 Abductions. Finally, I pop One With the Collective to score enough for a FW 110 -0.