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Eric Robinett (rycar60)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard
2011-05-08 - 12:00 PM
BorgYour life as it has been is over.

Round 1TNGJoseph BazemoreFW (+55)

Round 2KlingonMartin DrakeFW (+100)

Round 3MaquisGeoffery PetersonMW (+5)
Playing against Geoffery gave me the feeling of taking one step forward and two steps back. He would send a personnel or two back to my hand, send a few cards from my hand back to my deck... it was at about 30mins into the game that I realized I hadn't left my headquarters yet. He got the first mission, but in the process I was able to grab Kasidy Yates. On his final turn, he went for a second planet mission (I hadn't attempted a mission yet), and I got lucky with a Swashbuckler, Tragic Turn, and Necessary Execution to stop the attempt and remove his interrupts. So now it's my turn, so I drop an annexation drone and go for my 40 point mission. I have seven personnel (including Kasidy), but I don't have the skills... I go for it. He gives me two dilemmas and I'm able to queen swap in what I need. Then, I Knowledge and Experience my way out of one dilemma, and I'm left with a Hard Time that doesn't grab anyone that can stop the attempt. So the final score is 40-35, and I'm exhausted.