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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E
2019-02-09 - 11:00 AM
KlingonWeak Willed Benefactor
In the run-up, I had been planning on just using a lazy recycle of my TNG Klingon deck from Masters. However, if Tony didn't show (he didn't) that would mean Mark would step-in and use his TNG Klingon deck. As such, I threw together a Temporal Benefactor deck I'd been toying with before Xmas - using multiple time locations and Out Of Time downloads from 2 temporal agents to bust up my opponent's dilemma combos. Phlox as benefactor would make General K'Vagh be a temporal agent which works well for Temporal Almanac draws. On average I was drawing 6 cards per turn and reporting 5 (3 free, 1 card play, 1 temporal agent download).

Round 1alex dixonFW (+40)
Alex was playing KCA Klingons mixed with Bajoran Resistance Cell and Maquis. A 2-mission win deck using Off-Zel Vase and aiming to go multi-quadrant for the win. My Clown/Clan People combo slowed Alex down as he was just short on Integrity. He then had to regroup to overcome Medical Crisis. Stupidly I thought he was attempting but he hadn't declared who was beaming down, so I flipped Disrupted Continuum too early. He then added a bunch of guns to his away team so I didn't use it to grab Denevan Neural Parasites as I had planned. I'd solved both Control Plague and Battle at Narendra III so just needed a third for the win, having used Out Of Time at both locations to bypass Alex's dilemmas. When he moved to the Alpha Quadrant to pick up a second mission, his first ship got taken out by The Cloud, and the despite correctly guessing The Ghost of Cyrus Ramsey being third, he'd forgotten about the unused Disrupted Continuum, and I then switched it for Cytherians and sent his solving ship down the spaceline. I attempted a third mission, just needing to bring in an extra Diplomacy next turn to get past Faux Pas and solve. Alex then spent a frustrating turn unable to get a third ship through the wormhole “unstopped” due to a lack of Navigation, but salvaged 15 bonus points through Arbiter of Succession and Death Yell, before passing back to me for the final solve.

Round 2admiralgaryFW (+100)
Gary went old school - 24 dilemmas, 6 seed cards - relying on Handshake for draws (once I explained the wording to him) and using Enterprise-E, Son'a and Bak'u. Gary was obsessively trying to work out where I was going to use Scout Encounter to capture some people (sorry Gary, that was a different Klingon deck!) and I instead stopped him at Bak’u with a plain old Dead End.

Round 3Andrew Mark AlcockFW (+65)
Mark was playing his usual TNG Klingon deck. Although he'd updated to add in the new universal Klingons from Coming of Age, he hadn't spotted the Vekma/Vol'Jin couple option for an extra draw using Love Café - one to add for next time! I completed Control Plague for 45 points fairly swiftly and moved on to Battle for Narendra III. Mark had struggled with Rock People, having just lost two of his scientists with Jol Yichu and struggling to find any geology, but he had gotten HQ: Secure Homeworld out so he ploughed on there (I’d left a weak combo there so I could put extra dilemmas at Wormhole Negotiations) and got the solve for 35 points (after AMS). I’d lost 10 points solving Narendra, having the necessary Augment to boost my solving ship’s WEAPONS run away with a damn Love Interest! Solving the next turn I ploughed on and cleared out a third mission to get the win.