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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E
2019-03-23 - 11:00 AM
StarfleetAgent George and Agent Gracie
Because making Whales become Temporal Agents is fun!

Round 1KlingonAndrew Mark AlcockFW (+55)
Mark was playing his usual TNG Klingons, but he'd added the Love Café Draws (Vekma & Vol'jin) I'd discussed with him last time. This was really the only one of the 3 rounds where I used "loads" of the potential MACO downloads - as I used Sickbay: Menagerie & Combat-Ready: Solidarity to cut the deaths from Ankari Spirits from 4 down to 1 and later used Combat-Ready: Jury Rig and T'Pol's download of Vulcan Mindmeld to gain an extra ENGINEER & Astrophysics to overcome The Cloud. Mark got through the Rock People wall at Boreth to score 1 mission and some bonuses, but I had hit my 2 mission win with bonuses from Whales, Warp Five Program and Phoenix by then.

Round 2Federationalex dixonFW (+100)
Alex had an unfortunate spaceline setup as Earth landed middle of my missions, which I had solitaired to one end away from his. His TNG setup didn't rely on Office of the President but it made life harder for him. He placed Dead End well, interrupting my "Space first" strategy, so I switched to a planet and discarded Warp Five Program. He was struggling for ships and then went and hit Gomtuu at his first mission attempt. Reloading with Empathy he took his large crew back to re-attempt and hit Cytherians - and proceeded to kick himself for that mistake. With his people travelling away down the spaceline and ships hard to come by, I was able to get Sergeant Mayweather across to Prevent Rebellion to pick up 40 points (plus Whales made 55) card play the Phoenix for 65 bypass Dead End and solve Evade Borg Vessel for the win. Having beaten Alex twice in a row now, I expect he'll have something special in store for me next time now when he seeks Revenge at Beccles Regionals...

Round 3TerranadmiralgaryFW (+20)
Gary was turtling in Mirror with KCA/Maquis, going for the 3-mission Homestead win (he had plenty of bonus points from Historic Coming Together and a well placed "Quite a Coincidence"). I went for Space first again and triggered Friendly Fire on turn 2, so happily let it countdown to go back and clean up. Then I hit Earth and triggered Linguistic Legerdemain for 4 turns! (Shobbi-Har + Chula: The Chandra = bad selection!) So instead I went back to Prevent Rebellion, and lost 4 people to Firestorm before being stopped by In the Pale Moonlight. Fortunately I'd drawn into Commander T'Pol (Integrity 3) so would clinch the win next turn. Gary had 1 mission under his belt, but limited range was narrowing his options - he managed to clear a second planet but then had go full tilt into a final Space mission... headfirst into the Cytherians, giving me the last turn I needed.

Closing Thoughts
I'd not used Warp Five Program and MACOs together before. And the deck drew crazy numbers of cards. Great fun and didn't need the weirder Temporal Agent mechanics - I was happy with just the draws!