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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E
2019-04-06 - 10:30 AM
FederationOTSD - In search of Youth - is there a big old child pimp out there?
Used the Fed / Rom Treaty so I could still steal missions. Only had Riva for Diplomacy though, so Q-Nets would potentially screw me - hence putting an AU door in the deck.

Round 1Stewart CallanderFW (+100)
Had to run around and avoid Stew's Fed battle fleet; returning a ship to hand lost my ability to play AU cards, however 25 bonus points from dilemmas helped! Adapted the deck after to add Giusti and McKnight as I had no Youth to solve Study Plasma Streamer!

Round 2Tony ThrustleFW (+45)
Tony left his Wormhole Negotiations in easy reach, and I managed to scrape together enough Treachery (used Reflection Therapy to make a fourth) to steal it. Sent some red-shirts to attempt while Tony was stuck in a Menthar Booby Trap, allowing me to solve it next turn. A third mission then gave me the win.

Round 3Federationalex dixonFW (+55)
Alex had a deck based mostly on Youth personnel, but our shared mission of "Hole in Space" was his best shot of a space mission. After two of his ships were left susceptible to Abandon Ship after Subspace Seaweed and his own Microbiotic Colony, he put everyone onto a third ship and went headfirst into Cytherians. This left it open for plundering (thankfully I'd drawn Riva in my opening hand and been forced to make Dr Selar gain Leadership via Reflection Therapy to get past Crisis). So just had to solve Study Plasma Streamer for the win.

Closing Thoughts
OTSD plus Reflections is a great format!