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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E
2020-03-14 - 10:30 AM
BajoranCardassianFederationAphasia Device? No, It's COVID 19!
So we each had 4 boosters and 1 starter from the 1998 set “Deep Space Nine”. To spice things up, we also added one copy of New Arrivals each to the mix. I’d pulled a couple of good personnel (Opaka and Bareil) but my other rares were useless - Plans of the Obsidian Order and Plans of the Tal Shiar not much use in a Federation/Bajoran deck! I had no real shenanigans except for a swedes Establish Lansing Protocols, 1 Hidden Fighter and 3 USS Danube in the draw deck to ensure I had a landable ship to solve Rescue Prisoners as I only had 1 Transporter Skill. I was also short on OFFICERs and SECURITY (1 and 3 in deck respectively) so I had to hold them back if not needed.

Round 1Tony ThrustleFW (+100)
Round 1 against Tony he pretty much signposted that his Outpost was going at the far end, so I concentrated the best dilemmas there. Cardassians were low on Engineers (if I recalled correctly from my own first attempts to play them, and he struggled to cure a Duonetic Field Generator at his 40 point mission (Deliver Supplies), and his orbiting ship was wiped out by Aphasia Device. An Odo’s Cousin stopped him at another mission. I was looking at doing a 4-mission win due to low point missions, but managed to steamroller through them whilst Tony managed to clear his first mission but was short 1 CIVILIAN to solve.

Round 2alex dixonFW (+60)
Mirror match with 4 shared missions! All 4 were in the middle of the spaceline and I managed to grab Rescue Prisoners early for some extra reinforcements. Alex managed to plough through Refuse Imigration but lacked skills in each direction to solve the other missions. I’d swept up Eliminate Virus and Reignite Dead Star (non shared missions) but had to double back to get Relocate Settlers once I had finally drawn into the 2 SECURITY I needed to solve, and thankfully Alex hadn’t drawn into his SECURITY so had headed the other way down the spaceline.

Round 3admiralgaryFW (+70)
Gary had an issue with this ears so we spent most of this game just shouting and pointing. I had been blocked at Rescue Prisoners by a well placed Odo’s Cousin and hadn’t drawn a second Exobiology, so focused on my other missions, so started daisy-chaining multiple ships up and down the spaceline. Gary was also Cardassian, and struggled for Engineers so he could get through Search for Survivors, and eventually concentrated on clearing other missions while he awaited the missing ENGINEERs. I eventually pulled of the 3-mission win (ignoring the potential solve at Rescue Prisoners) and solving 3 others instead to squeak to 100 points.

Closing Thoughts
Good games, short on numbers vs the 9 we originally had registered, but that means more stock for next time! It was really cool using these old cards again - those starter decks were good and everyone had enough missions and was able to pull off a working deck! We did have a new player (Tony’s girlfriend Linzi) so that’s always good! Off to the pub afterwards for a pint!