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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E Sealed - Online Event
2011-06-15 - 01:00 AM
RomulanWesley helps get some points (Fed/Rom Sealed)

Round 1Ben HospFW (+65)
This came down to a battle of 2 powerful cards - my Borg Ship dilemma vs Ben's Time Travel Pod. My Shaka dilemma Conbo delayed Ben getting to his TTP and allowed me time to get into a lead. Eventually he got it. I tried to use STP to get out of it (could re-report crew due to Ben's Red Alert and a closed Spacedoor) but that returned it to hand for him to re-use. While I was stuck for 5 turns, Ben hit my Borg Ship. Once my wait was over, picked up the last mission I needed for the win.

Round 2Greg DillonFW (+85)
Lot of mission sharing - 8 mission spaceline! Won 85-0 by Double deck out. Greg's deck felt like a mirror of my own in some ways. He used Ajur to clear some dilemmas and had the Diplomacy to handle my Shaka and Q-Net. Scanning meant he avoided my Borg Ship, but then lost most of his personnel to his own Firestorm at a shared mission, preventing him from completing his missions. I stole one of our shared missions after Greg had cleared out all the dilemmas, but Fair Play prevented Greg doing the same on one of my missions he hadn't seeded too. In the end, I fell victim to Greg's own Borg Ship (I should've waited to repair my Husnock ship, but decided to take a gamble) but Greg had lost too many people to dilemmas, so ended in a double deck out.

Round 3FederationMarkFW (+90)View opponent's Report
Lost my notes from this one, but Mark played a 3 treaties deck with Traveller and Red Alert for a smackdown to attempt missions. Fortunately, my dilemma combos managed to kill enough vital people to lock him out of his missions and let me pick up the win.

Round 4KlingonRomulanJFW (+10)
Last match in the tournament and J was playing a battle deck. Lots of ships and leaders and it meant I struggled to complete many missions as although I returned one crew to hand with STP to prevent them being blown up by J, I didn't have a Red Alert to get them out again quickly! Ended 60-50 via double deck out. Thank god for my dilemmas!