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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E Official - Online Event (Mission to Talos IV)
2011-09-06 - 01:00 PM
RomulanSneaky Romulans - Talos Deck
Decided on a sneaky approach for this deck and went with 6 planet missions. Expected to hit plenty of mis-seeds due to the lack of P/S dilemmas in Premiere. Also meant I wouldn't waste time wandering down the spaceline effected by Cytherians. Decided to use Romulans as they've always been my favourites but had to put in a few Emergency Transporter Armbands to protect against Firestorm. Also stocked some Amandas to protect against Time Travel Pod and Asteroid Sanctuary to protect against an Armada of K'Vorts!

Round 1Diane HainFW (+60)
Good game. Diane was playing fair with a mix of planet and space and using Feds with Klingon espionage. She started breezing through my planet dilemmas but made the mistake of attempting a space mission with no medical (Think I’d previously Armus-ed / Female Love Interested them). So crew all dead, thanks to a Plague Ship! Meanwhile, I’d built up enough Romulans to attempt mega-teaming my planet missions. Picked up a Time Travel Pod on the way but wasn’t needed. Bonus points from my self seeded Barclay’s came in handy to get me to the 140 I needed.

Round 2KlingonRem BoonFL (0)
Good game again. Similar all planet strategies, so plenty of dilemma mis-seeding going on. Rem’s Deck was built for a 4 mission win (4 x 35 for the 140 needed) and using all high integrity (Firestorm-proof) Klingons. And Red Alert, Traveller, Betazoid Gift Box and Kivas for a very quick deck. I benefited from his Red Alert, but didn’t have the draws to match him for personnel. His Time Travel Pod got nullified by my Amanda (new it was worth stocking!) and he waltzed through my Armus’s with his Interphase Generator. My Matriarchal Societies gave him some bother, but eventually he headed for his last mission (seeded furthest away and all mis-seeds by me) to get the win. I’d managed to complete enough missions to get to 125 points but just not enough!

Round 3Dan HammanFW (+35)
Fastest game I’ve ever played on Lackey I think, but good score on both sides. Dan was playing fair and using a Planet/Space mix with Klingons. He busted through 2 planets (albeit losing Dr Reyga was costly) to score 65 points earning a Gift Box and a Kurlan Naiskos in the process. I then used Time Travel Pod on one of his two ships to cut his available personnel in half and slow him down. A lack of Engineers prevented him attempting his space missions due to Garbage Scows. Meanwhile my Diplomacy, Medical and Security heavy away team finally built up enough Integrity to safely start attempting missions. Q stopped me on one turn, and one of my Taul’s got whisked away by a Male Love Interest to the far end of the spaceline. Finally managed to get an Engineer out of my deck for Covert Installation (and Phased Matter), then bypassed Firestorm using an Emergency Transporter Armbands. Solved Investigate Massacre for a 4 mission win – due to scoring 30 points from 3 Barclay’s (2 from Dan, 1 self-seeded).

Round 4KlingonCorbin JohnsonFW (+65)View opponent's Report
Corbin was playing a Klingon deck with plenty of Kevins to nullify anyone like Rem who was using Red Alert, Traveller and Kivas Fajo. Unfortunately my Deck had no events so that strategy was pretty defunct against me. Corbin was running 4 space and 2 planet which given how weak the planet dilemmas are actually worked quite well for me! He started red-shirting and completed Reported Activity once he beamed down some women to get through Matriarchal Society and moved on to red-shirting some space missions. Meanwhile I’d been steadily ploughing through Planets with my Romulans. I had plenty of Diplomacy, Leadership and Engineers this time but was surprisingly low on Vekors for Medical and Science. Eventually solved one mission (with bonus points for Barclays) and picked up my Time Travel Pod at another mission but had lost both Vekors to an Armus and Female Love Interest. Corbin had red-shirted a space to remove Tsiolkovsky Infection, was about to move a second ship over to clear last dilemma (Shaka) and solve which meant it had his most highly skilled people on board. Time Travel Pod. I had 5 turns to try and win this. He ploughed on trying to complete Explore Black Cluster but was half a Leadership short in the end, with a Red Shirt Ship trekking down the Spaceline due to Cytherians. Meanwhile I sped down the spaceline to pick up Vekor whilst building up a second D’Deridex and small crew (including another Vekor which I had now drawn!) to join up with them later. Just managed to get back to my end of the spaceline in time and went on to solve 4 missions (Excavation, Covert Rescue, Plunder Site and Covert Installation) with bonuses from my Barclays and one of Corbin’s Crystalline Entities for 135 points. Started a fifth mission and picked up the last 5 points I needed to get the 140-35 win.