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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E Official - British National
2011-11-27 - 11:00 AM
KlingonFederationThe Undiscovered Guardians
Lots of time travel for me. Planned to use Guardian of Forever card draws and 2 time locations for free plays of my TOS and Movie era Feds and Klingons. Plus some sneaky escape tactics: Daniels and Out of Time, Geordi's Eyes, Red shirting ships, and card to nullify Horta and God - both of which were needed during the tournament!

Round 1KazonWilliam HoskinML (-5)View opponent's Report
Will was playing Kazon, so no quadrant interaction. My dilemmas slowed him down as his ship with a transporter got hit early on and he was forced to use shuttles. Unfortunately my draws were dire and I couldn't get a Guardian out! My slow start and 2 Artillery Attacks from Will meant a time out. Although I'd completed 2 missions, so had Will and for 5 more points. Modified Loss 70-75.

Round 2BorgNiall MatthewFW (+10)View opponent's Report
Watch out, the Borg are about! Niall was out to Stop First Contact and used Lower Decks to get his drones past God and scout Earth. I knew I had no time to waste and cracked on with missions. Hid my Feds at Camp Khitomer to avoid timeline disruption and just had enough skills in play to get a third mission completed for the full win whilst Niall was just behind on 90 points!

Round 3Non-AlignedFederationKevin JacksonFW (-81)View opponent's Report
Kev was playing a high skill Voyager deck but got burned by V'Ger eating his only ship and was sat waiting to draw another one. I ploughed on and got 3 missions done for a 105-19 Full Win.

Round 4HirogenUnjustly BannedFW (+11)View opponent's Report
My Higher the Fewer was the decider here, costing James and his Hirogen buddies the 11 points he lost by. I used some sneaky tactics (Daniels + Out of Time at Khitomer) to side-step his final dilemma combo and get a third mission completed and earn the Full Win 115-89.