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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2012-12-17 - 12:15 AM
KlingonRomulanFederationTriple Treaty Time Travel Turmoil
This was the European branch of the treaty tournament. I got the triple treaty, so no side decks or mission theft. Decided to go with a Guardian of Forever based deck and mostly original series / motion picture people - having played a fair bit of TNG of late!

Round 1BajoranDominionSebastian KirsteinFW (+5)
This was the second game I played. I'd built my deck expecting at least 1 Dominion opponent (given their 4 potential treaties) so had included White Deprivation and You Are a Monument (in case they tried to "whole up" in the Gamma Quadrant). Turned out to be a good call as Seppel's Dominion/Bajoran deck did exactly that (using Resistance cell to report Bajorans). He was able to get about 5/6 personnel out per turn (a founder, a support personnel, a Resistance personnel, 2 Young Jem'Hadar and a card play) so he breezed through most of my dilemmas, and made up for any missing skills thanks to Dominion Hierarchy, but I did manage to get 18 kills from Denevan Neural Parasites - that was fun! I also used In the Zone on him when he decided to solve two missions on one turn. I headed for Gateway first to kick off Guardian and Duck Blind draws - also started to attempt the mission and Seppel's dilemmas finished with a Dead End. I cleared another 2 missions (can't remember which ones now) but had been struggling to draw any ENGINEERS, so it took a while. Had about 4 or 5 D'Vano's in play though! Eventually got to 50 points and moved back to Gateway to solve for 50 points (with mission specialists) for the win.

Round 2CardassianRomulanWilliam HoskinFL (-35)
This was the final game I played. Will was playing a fast Continuing Mission Romulan/Cardassian treaty deck, getting roughly 4 personnel per turn (until he ran out of support personnel) and not needing to travel through time to get any draws. I'd thought he was going for a two mission win using lots of mission specialists (a tactic I'd used recently in a friendly match against Niall) and he only had one space mission near his outpost (other was down far end past me). So I decided to pile 5 dilemmas under Compromised Mission. It slowed him down for a while and took out a fair few people when he couldn't meet the requirements on V'Ger, but all of his people were just cannon fodder and he plowed through enough missions to get the win. I'd drawn Geordi LaForge (FC) early on, so once my Guardian/Duck Blind tactics were in progress I got him and his eyes into play. Had a peek under Gateway and saw Volcanic Eruption waiting for me, so decided to leave that til the end. Was struggling to draw any ships so kept re-flipping the spacedoor (discarding excess Guardians) to build up a chain of ships to move my people up and down the spaceline more swiftly. Solved Aggricultural Assessment and Repair Mission but Will was already on a roll. One more turn and I would have been back at Gateway with (presumably) enough people built up to bust through but Will beat me to it and solved Iconia for the win.

Round 3KlingonRomulanNiall MatthewFW (+55)
This was the first game I played. Niall was playing Illegitimate Leader and drew The Romulan Underground early on to get another free play mechanic up and running. I got my usual Guardian / Duck Blind mechanics started, and Niall built up enough people to clear Secret Salvage II and then sweep in with 4 Treachery mission specialists for a 45 point solve. Fortunately my other dilemmas caused him more problems and by the end I think he had either cleared or was on the last dilemma of a further 2 missions. Niall's dilemmas were point drain based, so even after solving Gateway and another mission I was only on 61 points. I didn't want to solve 4 missions (wouldn't have time probably as Niall was close to finishing two more missions) and only had 35 points or less on my available missions (and no suitable mission specialists). This left Niall confident I couldn't win next turn, but luckily I had drawn the U.S.S. Enterprise-A, so played it and downloaded James T. Kirk and used his Computer Skill to solve Repair Mission and boost it up to 40 points for the win. Very close match.

Closing Thoughts
A really tight tournament all round. Congrats to Will who edged out the 3-way tie for the win! Best of luck in the next tournament.