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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E
2013-03-23 - 05:00 PM
FederationDraft Fed Diplo Deck
Myself and Ambassador Phuknut (Danny) undertook the long five and a half hour trek up from the North of England to Aberdeen on Friday evening. We were confused by the lack of border crossing points when venturing into Scotland - we'd had our passports at the ready! We were also convinced we'd gone so far North we were technically in Scandanavia! After arriving we dived into some pizza and beer - which resulted in Captain Douchebag (Niall) and Subommander Buttplug (Kev) both managing to ejaculate pizza cheese jizz all over themselves! Drafting then commenced! We opened our AU and QC boosters first - I got Scotty, Lal, a Soong-type Android and Paxan Wormhole - this was looking ideal for a Federation deck, and luckily enough I was randomly assigned exactly that! I picked out Kurlan Naiskos first to defend against attack and to defeat Cytherian based issues. I then drafted Leah Brahms and Riva as my top mission specialist picks, Loads of Diplomacy and Engineer missions, USS Galaxy, Q-Net, Loss of Orbital Stability, more Finest Crew personnel, the phaser and Padd to download from my Q's Tent, and a couple of D'deridex's (including the universal one) Covert Installation and Pegasus Search to prevent the Romulans attempting an easy two mission win. It also turns out that my draft of Dr Reyga left the Romulans so short of Astrophysics that they couldn't viably attempt their high point space missions. We were also given some random dilemmas from Homefront I and II and a randomly assigned Shades of Grey event. Drafting over, and much beer consumed, we ventured into town for more beer and some debauchery... OK, a lot of debauchery.

Round 1KlingonNiall MatthewFW (+65)View opponent's Report
The morning after we woke up, finished building our decks, and discussed the delights of Tiffany and Dani's lesbian show from the night before. Decks finally ready, we began. First match was me vs Captain Douchebag. His deck was suffering from a lack of Gowron (which Ambassador Phuknut had hate-drafted) so he was one report engine down vs all other players. First turn I played a Q-Net next to his outpost to slow the advance of any K'Vorts towards me. I flew through my first mission, bagging 45 points from my first mission. I managed to use a Particle Fountain, a self-seeded Sarjenka and Riva as a mission specialist to rack up the points through my first two planets. I also slowed his first mission attempt down using a Loss of Orbital Stability. I avoided the planet with my Naiskos under (too close to his outpost) and retreated to the relative safety (as I was packing androids) of Paxan Wormhole, which I then solved for the win.

Round 2RomulanDanny NuttallFL (-20)View opponent's Report
This was a really close game. I was really getting on Ambassador Phuknet's nerves after I scuppered his movements with Loss of Orbial Stability and lost his Red-shirt Away Team under a planet with Thine Own Self! I powered through my first planet and picked up my Naiskos. It took me a little while to get my Civilian out (Lal in this case) but she also gave me the second Archaeology I needed to solve my second planet (and get through Captain's Holiday - best wall in the Romulan starter by far - and the reason for me drafting Richard Galen) and leave me a space mission away from winning. Ambassador Phuknut was also on the verge of two missions completed, so I went for Paxan Wormhole. His Combo here was superb. Tsiolkovsky Infection was doubled to 6 Medical by his Shades of Grey card - which effectively took out Diplomacy as that is the skill usually listed first on many Fed personnel. That left me vulnerable to damage by his doubled Nanites. Ouch! One dilemma left and completely barren of Diplomacy, it looked like a perfect set up for Gomtuu (which, unable to remember what was in the Romulan Starter, I took a gamble on). I swapped ships and went back with all my diplomacy restored. Epic fail. It was Cytherians. The damage had been to slow my advance down the spaceline. That gave him the one turn he needed to plough through his third mission for the win. One of our best ever matches, really close, just a shame I lost!

Round 3Kevin JacksonFW (+60)
Subcommander Buttplug was playing the other Federation starter so we had a mirror match-up. Both of us were getting people out quickly so I went for my first mission attempt. Completed one planet and cleared a space. Subcommander Buttplug completed Investigate Time Continuum using one of his two Data's. He attempted at Space and hit my Chula: The Chandra. "Just so long as you don't pick Data I'll be fine" said Buttplug. I picked Data. As a result Data and Bev were the only people to advance and hit Friendly Fire. Locked out, and Data died! I went on to complete my now cleared space mission and then ploughed through another planet (ignoring Sarjenka, I didn't need her points) to pick up the win.

Closing Thoughts
This was an amazingly good set-up for a tournament! The Klingons should be the most powerful with their K'Vort fleet, but taking Gowron out of the equation left them in a much poorer state. A brilliant format which I'd love to play again! Plus there's nothing quite like the nostalgia of using those classic Premiere cards!