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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E
2013-03-24 - 10:00 AM
CardassianKlingonHero of the Highlands
I didn't want to play Continuing Mission again, so wanted to find some way to build a non-Continuing Mission deck to compete with it's speed and power. My solution was to try and make Alpha Quadrant decks have to go further for the win. I used Hero of the Empire and Barry Waddle (downloaded through the Cargo Bay of an otherwise pointless Nor) to boost the points of my missions (and go for a two-mission win) and reduce the points of my opponent's Alpha Quadrant missions - I also combined this with some point loss dilemmas to hopefully force a TNG deck to try and solve 4 or maybe even 5 missions to get the win. I was able to get the Kill on Kirk with the Tribble bomb by the end of turn 4 on each game! I did have to use Tribbles though. This gave everyone a massive headache - so sorry for that chaps! Promise not to use Tribbles next time!

Round 1Kevin JacksonFW (+100)
Subcommander Buttplug was playing Borg - mostly in the Delta Quadrant - but struggled to get started with no Queen coming out for ages. I was able to kill Kirk (not that it impacted him much) and boost my mission points. I cleared Khitomer but did get hit by a Borg Servo and Barry Waddle of Borg joined the ranks of the collective. That put me on 50 points, and Subcommander Buttplug was scouting in space for Establish Gateway. He hit Caretaker's Guests and I returned his Queen to his deck. He did have a spare in the discard pile but (after checking with the TD) we agreed that she couldn't select a skill as she wasn't reporting for duty, just exchanging for a personnel who had already reported, like a persona swap. Therefore, no Diplomacy. and as it happened, turns out he was also short of Anthropology so when V'Ger hit next, he was attached to another object by an inclined plane wrapped helically around an axis: screwed. Bye-bye Cube! Meanwhile, back in the Alpha Quadrant, I completed Steal Technology for another 50 points to get the full win.

Round 2CardassianFederationDanny NuttallFL (-50)
Ambassador Phuknut was playing Alpha Quadrant, albeit not with Continuing Mission - this was my chance to test the Hero of the Empire approach to try and reduce his points. And it was working too. My tribble at Aid Clone Colony randomly stopped Rusot and left him short of the mission requirements - Boom - Lack of Preparation. When he completed his first mission he was on 15 points. This seemed to be going well! I managed to get my first mission completed but lost a personnel as a captive. 50 points for me, but Ambassador Phuknut then started to turn the tide. His deck was an impressive mechanism combining Crell Moset, Dominion War Efforts/Assign Support Personnel for people for Crell to discard, A Defend Homeworld for Jean Luc to get a Blue Borg so he could Nanoprobe them straight back into play. At the point he captured a personnel though, it really kicked in as he downloaded a punishment card: Labor Camp - he then started scoring 10 points every turn from having a captive. This card (in my opinion) really needs converting and fixing (but I'd rather see FMO fixed first). 10 points a turn (without even needing to get that captive to a brig) is a massive bonus and in this case gave Ambassador Phuknut the advantage he needed. He solved Insurrection, getting past Founder Secret with 4 people and 4 guns, only losing 4 points to The Higher The Fewer. I was struggling to get to my 50 point space mission (Steal Technology) for the solve due to the poor range of the Classic era Klingon ships I was using, and when I did attempt, he managed to capture Barry Waddle using Alice (Barry was not having a good day). Ambassador Phuknut's Labor Camp points were racking up and he just used his last turn to complete Kressari Rendezvous and score enough for the win. Very close and epic match up.

Round 3Non-AlignedVidiianNiall MatthewFL (-50)View opponent's Report
Captain Douchebag was playing Vidiian - all planets in the Delta Quadrant, then all space in the Alpha Quadrant. Barry Waddle did his usual thing by turn four and had Kirk's head in one hand and a tribble in the other. Niall hit Crisis at Assist Co-operative (the missions in your decklist are WRONG Captain Douchebag!) and suspected (correctly) that God was waiting, so not willing to sacrifice his Equinox just yet, he attempted Liberation instead. He lost 10 points from The Higher The Fewer (after a Founder Secret) and solved to end up on 20. He then eventually cleared Assist Co-operative (sacrificing a Vidiian ship) to God and scored another 40 and get up to 60. Back in the Alpha Quadrant, I was having issues with where everything had ended up on the spaceline and was struggling to get an Honor personnel back to Khitomer after one of my Kor'choth's had been killed by a Gorn Encounter. A Klingon deck short on Honor! Who would have thought it! I was chaining ships to move people about (eventually got an extra Honor there to solve for 50 points)and then more chaining of ships to fly down to Steal Technology to attempt there. I wish I'd included a Ch'dak for a range boost! I attempted and got hit by Emergent Lifeform. Captain Douchebag flew me next door to his adjacent Paxan Wormhole. Then I pointed out that Ruk was on board. Android to the rescue! He couldn't strand my ship in the Delta Quadrant! However, he could keep moving me back and forth to stay at Paxan Wormhole, so my other ship couldn't get there to beam off the people I needed. Captain Douchebag then Wormholed into the Alpha Quadrant and attempted Characterize Neutrino Emmisions, correctly guessing that a V'Ger (and 5 bonus points) may lurk beneath. His Delta Quadrant people stormed through and completed the mission. Game over. Unfortunately, Captain Douchebag was unable to harvest any Organs from Barry Waddle, which would have been a fitting end to Barry's tournament after his earlier assimilation and capture! I discovered after the game that I had made two massive errors during this game! Firstly, I hadn't used In The Zone to double the RANGE of my ships - this would have massively helped out after Emergent Lifeform was on my ship as I could have doubled the RANGE after Captain Douchebag had moved it 7, and it would leave me 7 remaining to get back and beam my people off! My second error was mathematical/forgetful. I forgot that Characterize Neutrino Emissions was reduced by 10 points, so in the end, Captain Douchebag's score should really have only been 90, not 100. He was still well ahead of me though and given how slow my deck had been and my struggle to get enough Honor out of my Klingon deck, he clearly deserved the win.

Closing Thoughts
Overall, another fabulous tournament. Some truly amazing decks and I was amazed to see no Continuing Mission decks at all! Not having had enough Trek, with the 6 games we'd already played, we cracked open the prize support and had some truly bizarre games of "Warp Speed Mirror Mirror / The Dominion". I had a very limited option for my missions, so opted to seed Ornithar, rather than a ship as he was my only Greed personnel (which I needed to solve Feldomite Rush). Captain Douchebag screwed Ambassador Phuknut in the first game with an Emergency Conversion (he didn't have enough Astrophysics in the deck to pass it). I then played Captain Douchebag and sped through to solve two missions for the win - a crazy couple of games but a good way to round off the night! Overall, a brilliant tournament, which next year I hope will attract many more players, not only through the lure of Trek, but through the prospect of frequenting Captain Douchebag's favourite Strip club, where the ladies all know him by name...