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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E - Omarion Nebula Regional
2013-05-19 - 11:00 AM
BajoranFederationBig Will Riker and his Resistance pals
I'd been trying to think of ANOTHER way to play a competitive deck without using Continuing mission and decided to try Enterprise-E and Resistance Cell. Either way, I'd get a new achievement. I thought my Enterprise-E would get blown up at least once, but amazingly it didn't! DS9 did get commandeered twice though...

Round 1Non-AlignedVidiianNiall MatthewML (-5)View opponent's Report
Very close game with Niall - we both solved 3 missions and The Cloud and Spaceborne Entity damaged both his ships so he was left limping around with RANGE 5 most of the game. I'd gotten You Are A Monument out in advance and of his 2 Alpha missions, one was shared (so had like 5 or 6 dilemmas under it) and one had Gantt and a Transport Inhibitor sat on it. Bwah-ha-ha! Unfortunately Niall's damn Altonian Brainteasers kept me from getting any bonus points from my mission specialists, and I'd lost 10 points from a Lack of Prep when I sent a small crew with Winn Adami to clear my way past an In The Pale Moonlight. I ended up on 95 and Niall on 105 when time was called. Feels weird losing when I only needed 5 points and Niall needed 35! Great game though, and enjoyable as always.

Round 2RomulanNon-AlignedStuart MarshFL (-30)View opponent's Report
Well, I'd figured Stu would try and use the new Android/Borg boarding party approach, and was spot on. I had even designed to use Morn to download GPL and get me a transport inhibitor. Would have worked a lot better if my opening hand hadn't been quite so bad! Wasted time Masaka-ing. Sleep Trap under Empok got squashed by Computer Crash, but he did have to wait a while before commandeering and getting his 1 million guns. The spaceline setup meant I would need 2 turns to get to DS9 and collect the Transport Inhibitor, and Stu didn't have a Borg ship out to use the Boarding trick yet, so I ventured out towards DS9. Boom - he plays an Assimilator and downloads Transwarp Conduit. Uh-oh. Fortunately, Jean-Luc's download of Prepare assault teams meant he couldn't wipe me out and commandeer my ship that turn, albeit he did kill my Mission Specialists. My turn, played an extra personnel aboard and got to DS9, picked up the Transport Inhibitor. After that we switched to solving, and Stu stormed through 3 missions (albeit with a little bit of difficulty from The Cloud and Emergent Lifeform) whilst I only managed to get through 2 for 70 points. An intense game, and didn't go as badly for me as it could have done! Stu also managed to commandeer DS9 on his travels too!

Round 3FederationKevin JacksonFW (+55)
Solver vs Solver. A battle of speed and wits against Kev. I left our shared mission (near me) clear of dilemmas and concentrated mine under Kev's other 5 missions. Caused him enough delays to get 3 missions solved, while Kev only had 1 solved and another cleared.

Round 4ByeBY (0)
I can't recall the last time I had a bye in a tournament...

Round 5FerengiDanny NuttallFL (-55)
Ferengi Military Operations can go suck my balls. Can't wait for this to get fixed, so I don't feel like playing anything other than a Ferengi deck is a mistake when I'm deck building. All I'll say is I did better than I did against this deck at Nationals in our Mirror matchup - 2 safe havens from battle this time (Evade Borg Ship and a Homeworld) and I actually completed a mission, despite my issues trying to draw into a second EE personnel to staff the Enterprise (having used Defend Homeworld for a second Resistance personnel so I could get my Resistance Cell Espionage Draws going). That deck is the nuts. Danny also managed to commandeer DS9.

Closing Thoughts
Well, I kind of expected it to be a poor result by not playing Continuing Mission or DQ or Borg, but at least the games where I lost were (mostly) quite close and not a complete whitewash. I didn't get my Starry Night out in any game - but I think it worked fine as it meant I never hit a Dead End all game!