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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2013-07-29 - 09:00 AM
RomulanThe Star Empires Cybernetic Rimjazzle Spectacular
Needed some practice before Worlds, so thought I'd try out the Obvious looking combo of TNG Romulans and Androids, trying to pick up a two mission win with Mission Specialists. Turns out I wasn't alone in picking to play Romulans!

Round 1Jason CawkerFW (+100)View opponent's Report
A Mirror matchup! Both playing TNG Romulan with Androids – Jason was also using Romulus and a Headquarters (Office of the Proconsul) and played The Romulan Underground early on to add another play engine. The seed phase was critical to get right as we had 4 shared missions! With Romulus and Jason’s Investigate Sighting II sat at one end of the space line, and my 2 unduplicated missions (Evade Borg Vessel and Investigate Raid) at the other end – with Compromised Mission adjacent to those (and on far side of Neutral Zone from Jason) so I placed my outpost there – knowing I could get my extra “Let’s See What’s Out There” draws from Compromised Mission. I seeded Gomtuu Shockwave (knowing I could download Pardek to get past) and The Nexus at Compromised Mission, so I’d only have Jason’s dilemmas to hold me up there – and would you believe it, it looked like he was only seeding 2 dilemmas there too – despite being based so far away! With all our other shared likely to be home to at least 3 dilemmas from each of us, I rearranged my combos to let me put 6 dilemmas under Romulus and 4 under Investigate Destruction (his non-shared missions). Jason went first and got The Romulan Underground out straight away, so was able to play up to 4 personnel per turn for free thereafter. Both of us (unsurprisingly) used our first turns to download Telak! I’d drawn an “Explain Your Presence” so I could go for the 2-mission win still, without needing to get Soran into the Nexus, but hadn’t drawn a Nanoprobe (for more mission specialists) or an Android. I played the Terix and some free Romulans (but hadn’t drawn into an Android yet) so end of my first turn, I moved my Terix to Compromised Mission ready for using Let’s See What’s Out There on turn 2. My enlarged hand on turn two helped and I could start getting some extra mission specialists from turn 3! With Pardek downloaded and ready, I moved my mission specialists to safety and attempted Compromised Mission (still had the skills in case of Lack of Prep). Had gotten Tomalak out and Downloaded Lower Decks, so boosted Integrity enough to get through Gomtuu, then hit Jason’s Personal Duty (not an issue) and although I then expected a kill and a 2-turn lock-out from Friendly Fire, instead hit Dead End. Fine, I’ll just come back and get those points later (albeit quickly as I didn’t want Jason to drop a Will Riker Dead End bypass trick on me)! Meanwhile, Jason had spread out to the Neutral Zone to use “We Are Back” to download another ship and personnel (Deranas and Tomalak I believe) to hand. He then started attempting Covert Installation, but came unstuck by his own Radioactive Garbage Scow as the Nexus moved and blew up his ship and he was short on Engineers! Back at my end of the Spaceline, I began throwing people at Investigate Raid. My first Away Team got the Apnex out courtesy of Hidden Fighter (in case of God) before attempting and being immediately stopped by Founder Secret. Three androids, a disruptor and three other strong personnel later (plus Lower Decks) and I busted through into Talosian Cage. All were stopped and two female androids got discarded. Another 4-man red-shirt away team then hit Horta (one died) but then continued to Denevan Neural Parasites (2 more died) leaving Pardek by himself, unable to solve. With a Nanoprobe in Hand to get the last Mission Specialist I needed, I waited one more turn (Horta then tried to kill once more but Hit Data so only stopped instead). My Mission Specialists then swept in for 45 points next turn, whilst Sirol and the Terix ventured into the Neutral Zone and picked up 5 more for “Explain Your Presence” while Jason was moving his Garbage Scow away. Next turn, and with Dead End no longer an issue, I picked up another 50 from Compromised Mission (thanks to 3 mission specialists) to win 100-0.

Round 2bunzFW (+100)
This was a bit of a one sided game as Bunz was struggling to draw any handshakes or any ships! As such my Romulans went on a Tribble-based escapade. Man those things can be annoying! Bunz had stacked lots of dilemmas under my Neutral Zone missions and added in a Kobayashi Maru (rightly assuming I would want to go after the 5 bonus points from Chess Game) – however as I’d stocked “Explain Your Presence” (which I drew in my opening hand) I decided to try and use that and to target Investigate Raid instead (with 2 Mission Specialists to make it up to 45 points). I’d also drawn Telak in my opening hand so could get 3 free plays from turn 1 thanks to his Cybernetics, but had used my card play to report him so had to wait a turn to get a ship going. I got some more mission specialists on turn 2 and then a ship on turn 3 so went finally set off for my first space mission (Compromised Mission). Bunz had only placed 2 dilemmas under here: Forsaken sent my 2 Treachery Mission Specialists to the bottom of my deck (only to be retrieved next turn by a nanoprobed AMS), a Female Soong Type Android was sent to the far end of the Spaceline before 2 Tarvangs began dragging away the Garbage Scow half of the Combo Dilemma. Once I got my specialists back I solved for 50 points. Meanwhile, Bunz was littering the spaceline with Tribbles, but still hadn’t played a ship, so I used my Transporter Skill people to clear the large denomination Tribbles off Investigate Raid (which also looked comparatively lighter on dilemmas). I beamed down four red-shirts and moved the ship away (safe from God) but got hit by Lack of Prep because I’d only got 1 Exobiology out and hadn’t wanted to red-shirt them! (40-0). Sod it, 2-mission win out the window, I’ll have to complete 3 instead. Drew a Kharic and played her to add some Exobiology so reattempted next turn, another Female Soong Type Android got dragged off to the far end, and double Tarvang towed away another Scow. I lost one of my original red-shirts (Khev) to Hanonian Land Eel (last dilemma), before busting out the megateam (including mission specialists) next turn to take it down and solve the mission (85-0). Now with 3 ships and lots of people, I targeted Investigate Sighting. Bunz played a Kobayashi Maru on it to further up the requirements. This time I busted through Lack of Prep, Virus then stopped me, but next turn my 6 Computer Skill cured it and proceeded to plough through Dead End. With 2 mission specialists, it ended 130-0. Just as Bunz finally got a ship out. Unlucky!

Round 3RomulanDanny NuttallFL (-100)
This was a quick game. Danny was also playing Romulans, except he was playing non-TNG. Double Headquarters, Drone Control Room, Son’a and lots of dilemma bypass tricks. Danny went first and was flying, attempting a mission on turn 1. I got a ship out and was attempting Evade Borg Vessel by turn 2. Got hit by Ankari Spirits – brought in a second ship on turn 3 but that got hit by Cytherians. While I was slogging through that mission, Danny was flying through his missions. Dr McCoy was his MVP, nullifying The Cloud at one mission and Medical Crisis elsewhere, and downloading Keras (with I’m a Doctor, Not a Bricklayer) to get enough Leadership to bypass Friendly Fire. On his fifth turn, he solved Collect Metaphasic Particles and was then gifted a sixth turn for free, with which he polished off another mission for the win. I was still trying to get out of the starting blocks!

Round 4RomulanMatthew TingFW (+65)View opponent's Report
Another mirror match: TNG Romulans with Androids! A lot of mission duplication again (4), including all 3 of my planets. With his Mission II at the far end from my Compromised Mission, I concentrated on that end. I seeded a “non-combo” under Covert Installation (nearest Planet), simply designed to break up Matt’s dilemmas. Matt began by attempting Paxan Wormhole, but when Subspace Shockwave killed his android, I got to relocate his scout ship down to my end of the spaceline and pulled out “Explain Your Presence” to get off an early 5 point lead. I took damage from his Null Space but managed to complete Compromised Mission for a further 50 with my Mission Specialists, so started clearing dilemmas from Covert Installation next, while Matt tried to get a fresh ship back to Paxan Wormhole to finish it off. My all male away team had revealed my own Garbage Scow and I’d towed it away. I brought in some extra Archaeology to get through Matt’s Captain’s Holiday and then shot through the last 2 cards – a Q-Flash that did nothing (Matt had used the Civil War Tent so Flashes didn’t work) and my Nexus. Annoyingly it looked like I was going to end up solving without all my specialists there, but I had 1 there (Tagus) to make it up to 40 points, then remembered to use the Neutral Zone bonus on Always a Chess Game (first time this tournament I’d actually done a Neutral Zone mission!) for the last 5 points I needed.

Closing Thoughts
Good tournament. I should try and find more time to play online OTF events!