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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E
2013-09-01 - 02:15 PM
KlingonFederationTaibaks Glory Hole of Sealed Joy & Transporter Phobia
Who doesn't love a bit of sealed OTSD action? Played OTF style, so all banned cards removed etc. Boiled down to a simple game of play/draw/solve. I'd actually pulled about 27 half decent dilemmas. I cut the 2x Microvirus (that's just free points for your opponent - who doesn't have Medical and Security in an Away Team when playing with Premiere cards???) and the Q card that seeds like a dilemma, so was eligible for the 24 dilemma achievement. My missions all seemed to revolve around Treachery and Computer Skill, so loaded my deck up with those skills. I only had 1 Biology in the deck, which I needed for Fever Emergency (or 3 MEDICAL) and that was on Taibak - who also had those key skills of Treachery and Computer Skill, so he was definitely my MVP of the tournament!

Round 1Niall MatthewFW (+35)
Niall got his red-shirting going quick, but soon got stalled when I used both my Barclay's Transporter Phobias on two useless redshirts - who were now stuck on his ship, unable to contribute! I was really short on skills to complete anything, so just started Red-shirting Kurl (realising afterwards that it was too low in value to pull off a 3-mission win! Whoops!). As such, Niall was surprised when I accepted the point loss from a Punishment Zone - but I was already resigned to doing 4 missions. In fact it gave me the freedom to take another 5 point loss from Punishment Zone later on - loosing people when you only get one per turn is so much more costly in this format! I don't remember how the game fully played out, but I think an unstaffed ship got snared by Conundrum and was essentially left for dead, and Vekma and Taibak both ran off with respective lovers to the far end of the spaceline! Niall was struggling to get Engingeers out (either for an Alien Labyrinth or a Garbage Scow) whilst my treacherous hoards were massing to solve my 4th mission and clinch the win.

Round 2ValrocFW (+100)
Sam did not have much luck here. He re-attempted a space mission with a damaged ship (Microbiotic Colony and Null Space) and never really recovered. Left me free to clean up.

Round 3Danny NuttallFW (+100)
Danny was (for once) having a nightmare! He'd pulled crazy missions (Hunt for DNA, Qualor II and Warped Space) and pretty much zero dilemma-busting skills. The space line was split his end / my end, so he'd placed his better dilemmas assuming I'd steer clear from him (as I know his tendancy for battle), but instead I moved in on my higher point missions which were nearer to Danny. I busted through his dilemmas, sending in a few sacrificial Klingons at Fever Emergency! Solved 3 missions for the win, while Danny was trying to get his ships moving again after my dilemmas had left him struggling to staff them.

Closing Thoughts
Sealed is always fun! And Taibak is better than he appears!