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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E
2013-12-22 - 09:30 AM
CardassianRek Hell En (Beccles Draft: Cardassians)
After a night down the Oak the previous night, this tournament was fuelled on cups of tea, not beer like the September one! We semi-randomly selected a starter each, allowing Martin to keep using TNG Feds as that was all he was familiar with. Jimbo got DS9 Fed/Baj. Lofty got TNG Klingon, and I got DS9 Cardassians. We each then got our extra affiliated cards (1 ship and 8 personnel) and then drafted from the extra dilemmas available (for a newbie, Martin made some amazingly good picks!) and the alternative missions. I got myself a Kazon Bomb and a Bajor Region to help me control the spaceline a little better.

Round 1FederationGerman SpockFW (+25)
Up first I had Martin. I helped him pick the best missions to swap out so none were stealable and it came down to a simple race to solve missions quickest. I got lucky in terms of mission placement and Martin was short on Diplomacy for Host Metaphasic Shield Test so had to wait to solve. Got the FW 105-75. Meanwhile, Jimbo had once again defeated Lofty (105-70) to set up our round 2 matchup.

Round 2BajoranJames RiseboroughFW (+35)
Jimbo had left Verify Legendary Journey in his set up, so I made sure my outpost was no further than 8 range away and the combo was set up to be easier for my treacherous officer-heavy Cardassians than Jimbo's more noble Fed/Bajoran alliance. I drew into the skills to solve the mission so built up two ships - one to plough through the combo, and one to sweep in and solve. Jimbo was not best pleased, but had known it was a risk - and admitted he'll learn from this in future. Jimbo concentrated on clearing out Gamma Missions, while I then busted through Acquire Illicit Explosives to get to 65 points. When he easily nullified More of Your Kind (damned Orb Icon!) the dilemma combo fell apart and he was also able to hit 65 points, with a Friendly Fire ticked down on one of his Alpha missions, but short of Range to get back there. I'd been trying to solve Characterize Neutrino Emissions for the win, but hadn't drawn any Astrophysics (turns out there was only 2 in the deck)! Seeing Jimbo closing in on turning the tables and still short on Astrophysics, I switched tactics and moved to Locate Terrorist Leader and busted through that turn to pick up the last points I needed (FW 100-65). Despite my Mission Steal, it was a really close match - one turn in it really. Jimbo is developing into a really good player! Meanwhile, at the other table, Lofty got a win over Martin 130 - 35.

Round 3KlingonGlen "Lofty" ShipleyFW (+50)
Lofty's Klingons were suffering from low-point missions - he'd been forced to solve 4 missions to beat Martin in his last match. As such, Intercept Sleeper Ship was clearly key to his strategy. I knew stealing it would be a struggle (distance, requirements, etc) so I placed The Higher... The Fewer there to reduce it's value and hopefully force Lofty to need to solve 4 missions again. I abandoned any plans to attempt Bajor region missions give one is only 25 points and one is tricky to solve, so instead used it to break up Lofty's mission options by forcing his mission specialist planet further away. I was ploughing through missions, getting Investigate Maquis Activity first for the bonus points, then Verify Evidence in the Badlands, and Locate Terrorist Leader mostly cleared, but had lost 5 points from Hazardous Duty. He had got through 2 missions putting him on 60 points and was headed for Intercept Sleeper Ship next. He hit The Higher... The Fewer with 10 people and dropped to 50 points - unable to win off that mission! He was stopped by the next dilemma anyway and I went on to finish off Locate Terrorist Leader for the FW 100-50. On the other table, Martin had nimbly gotten through his missions and picked up his first win, defeating Jimbo 100-70. This left the others all tied in 2nd place with 1 FW each, so it came down to the dreaded CVP tie break...

Closing Thoughts
Great tournament, great people! CVP is a shitty way to break a tie in 4-player tournaments though.