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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E
2014-07-05 - 12:15 PM
KazonAre You Right There, Father Culluh?
After my epic clash with Niall at regionals, I knew I needed something to go toe-to-toe with Borg, and it would also be fun to go blow up Lofty! I'd been planning on doing a Kazon Battle deck for a while, and their immunity to assimilation was a handy edge against Borg. Stefan and J also built similar decks recently, so I made a few tweaks from their decks (cheers for the assist boys)!

Round 1FederationMark BedwellFW (+100)
So I rock up with my Kazon battle deck, and get drawn in round one against Mark - and it's his first game back in 15 years. I'm a baaaad man, but could I be this cruel? Ummm, yeah, I could. To be fair - he said he wanted to learn so he'd know for next time. Turn one went badly for him. He didn't have a Q the Ref out (that was his first lesson), so I downloaded without restraint, using multiple Going To The Tops and Defend Homeworld, and ended up getting 2 ships into the Alpha Quadrant by end of turn one! A few turns later, I blew up his Enterprise-E to shut down his main reporting engine. Mark decided to conceed at that point, so we drank beer instead! Sorry Mark! Fortunately the day got better for him in his later games.

Round 2BorgNiall MatthewTT (0)
Epic match up! I managed to get a decent fleet built up quickly and caused him trouble with my dilemmas - sending him on a collision course for battle. When he escaped that, I then launched multiple attacks to fend Niall off from probing. In the end, playing for the 0-0 draw, I threw everything into a suicidal effort to prevent him probing and making him change his plans and scout a different mission on his last turn - only for him to get stopped by my Medical Crisis. A legendary match up, and the draw seemed like a fair outcome - despite the unusual end result for the tournament that ensued!

Round 3FederationJames RiseboroughFW (+100)View opponent's Report
Jimbo was playing a Fed solver that I'd built for him - a few turns in and I'd gotten my fleet to his outpost and launched an assault. I then outgunned his last ship and left him effectively shut down. But Jimbo wanted to test out his dilemma combos, so forced me to plough on and switch to solving. I just managed to get the 100-0 win before time expired, but Jimbo's dilemma placement made a real struggle of it!

Closing Thoughts
A truly bizarre outcome. Niall and me were tied on VP, Head to Head, Differential, Strength of Schedule and CVP! We hadn't worked out the SoS or CVP, so just entered the details in the system, and it declared we were both in 1st place! Weird! Either way, it seemed like a fair outcome, so we were happy with it!