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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E
2015-02-28 - 05:00 PM
Iron Man. A brutal and destructive (literally) format that messes with your mind and makes the 14 year old inside you cry with pain at the sight of ripping up your bridge crew! Drafting was crazy. Opened 6 boosters of AU and 6 boosters of QC. Got a crapload of Q cards but only 1 Q Flash. Rip. Howard Heirloom Candle? Ha! Rip that too! I drafted 2 Soong Type Androids, Investigate Legend, and plenty of Neutral Outposts (seriously, about 6 of them, that's like 1 per pack from AU), so didn't need to worry about an armada strategy locking me out from the following rounds. The silver tins gave me a Borg Ship (woohoo, and it's play as printed!) but was otherwise light on space dilemmas. I had Archaeology missions including 2 Hunt For DNA Programs, but only gave me 2 Archaeology personnel. Gutted! I lacked the powerful events to punish an opponent (ATA, TAK, SWP, etc) but had some handy interrupts like Loss of Orbital Stability and Temporal Rift (play as printed - awesome!) I went with 3 strategies, rebuilding for each round. Round 1 was based on spamming out Youth at Investigate Legend, Round 2 I went with mostly Space (hoping to hit mis-seeds) and Round 3 went with Archaeology missions (except Hunt for DNA) using my 2 Archaeology in a minimum size deck and Ajur and Boratus to mess with seeds.

Round 1KlingonFederationSteven RichFW (+100)
Steve was going with an Armada approach, having pulled the Future Enterprise (which Niall blew up in a later game: ULTRA RARE RIP!) and IKC Fek'lhr. I started Red-shirting straight away and blasted through Investigate Legend. Rip. Next mission my ship hit a bunch of space dilemmas which all placed on ship so cleared most of the mission but left the ship both unable to move and required to move! Eventually, Birth of Junior took its toll. Rip, rip, rip, rip, rip, rip! Thankfully I'd kept key mission solvers safe and plough on. Steve's armada zoomed ominously into range but with Outpost protection still holding up and an adjacent mission to complete, and the Heghta's ability to cloak, I managed to complete a third mission and get the full win 100-0.

Round 2Meinhard S. RohrFL (-9)
This year, Stefan took the crown for Chief Molester away from LoOSwig! Turn 1, Static Warp Bubble. Turn 2, Klim Dokachin. After discarding down to one card hands (made my choice easier each turn... And at one point I offered Stefan a random selection between which one to discard from Tasha Yar and Tasha Yar - Alternate! Stefan ploughed through dilemmas thanks to Genotronic Replicator, so no-one was dying (in a format designed to destroy cards, that one should have been ripped up before the draft)! Looked grim for me until Stefan hit my Borg Cube and I got to rip up a ship and crew! That put Stefan back to square one, although he had already done two missions! Gave me time to catch up and it ended up being a very tight race to the 100! Result was 100-91 to Stefan.

Round 3Peter LudwigTT (0)
LoOSwig! LoOSwig! Peter was playing 6 planets. But then read his Neutral Outpost and had to seed his outpost at one of my space missions, at the far end of his row of 6 planets! Peter's first cardplay was Traveller Transcendence - which he would later regret when he kept hitting my Thought Fires! And I had been considering ripping them up! Ha! I temporal rifted his first ship to venture out to buy some time to draw into my Archaeology personnel. I'd decided to add a couple of Science Vessels and seeded an Establish Landing Protocols that I'd drafted from a randomly allocated booster, thinking it would be good protection from an Armada deck. Damn straight it was a good call! Peter unleashed his triple whammy of special weapons: The Nexus, Blade of T'Kon and Kurlan Naiskos! Ouch! So after completing Romulus I had hidden my ship on the planet just in case, then got Bladed to the far end of the spaceline! And then his Heghta got triple RANGE, WEAPONS and SHIELDS to boot! I managed to move 2 missions before the Heghta got super powers then landed 2 more missions along next turn. Then did a headlong suicide run into the Nexus and relocated my personnel back to my outpost where I'd built up my own Klingon Armada now the Nexus had passed (2 Vorchas and my own Heghta). After all that, battle looked a little less attractive to LoOSwig so he switched back to missions. I managed to complete an Archaeology mission and get us to 70-70 when time was called. A really fun match!

Closing Thoughts
Awesome format! We should do this more often!