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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E - Omarion Nebula Regional
2015-05-09 - 12:15 PM
FederationDavid Cameron's True Blue Tory Live Child shafts the SNP up the back passage
Regionals. We didn't have as high a turnout as we would have liked, but it was a great day and a good opportunity to get some newbies back into the tournament scene. The new location was good, and plenty of beer was flowing, but the sticky tables were a bit of an issue. Next time I'm bringing tablecloths!

Round 1Non-Alignedspiderbob80FW (+100)
This was Sam's first match back for a while and he was playing non-aligned with Cybernetics Expertise. From his Battle Bridge Side deck, seeded Husnock ship and Spacedoor for another ship, it looked like he was going for a battle approach - but he struggled to draw any of his Cybernetics early on so was slow to get going. Meanwhile, I got cracking with my missions as soon as possible and was able to crack through three missions while Sam was still working on his first one. It sounds like Sam still enjoyed himself though, so hopefully we'll see him again soon!

Round 2RomulanNiall MatthewFW (+70)View opponent's Report
Always expect the unexpected with Niall, in addition to the usual beer (and jager) drinking, incomprehensible innuendos and (new this time) political rhetoric (or why the SNP is great and why David Cameron has doomed us all). His mission layout smelled of a focus around Romulus, however he was bluffing and went to the other end of the space line, so he had successfully managed to get me to put Dead End miles from his target missions! However, his 4 Kobayashi Maru's smelled of a Your Galaxy is Impure / Quantum Incursions setup. And I knew I had the skills to mega-team it. Of his two remaining un-Kobayashi-ed missions, the planet one I guessed would be Dead End, so I attempted the un-Kobayashi-ed space (Navigate Argolis Cluster) and hit an Edo Probe. Hmm, best come back to that and not risk needing to go through two sets of Kobayashi / Your Galaxy / Quantum Incursions! So with a sizeable crew building up, I sent in a dummy crew (people that contribute nothing to the various Quantum Incursions options) to confirm my suspicions at Evade Borg Vessel – and sure enough, it was Your Galaxy then Quantum Incursions – but at least from now on, a Your Galaxy kill was my choice and not random. So, mega-team went for it: including 2 AU, 2 Physics, 2 Empathy, 2 SECURITY, 2 SCIENCE and 2 Navigation – with loads of extras to dilute the chance of losing anyone I needed. Boom – busted through it! Niall was not happy! Meanwhile, Niall had attempted one of his two target 25 point missions and was waiting for Friendly Fire to countdown. Despite much barbering and deck manipulation attempts, I think the Holodeck doors were causing him issues (not fitting with his In For a Trim pruning techniques) and he wasn’t able to run Security sweep – having lost a SECURITY personnel in his mission attempt – so was forced to Handshake away his Security Sweeps. I pressed on with missions, knowing I could get to 110 if needed from the two non-Kobayashi-ed missions, and knowing Niall’s fondness for point loss dilemmas, expected I would need all of those points! I couldn’t quite get back to Navigate Argolis Cluster, so I decided to trigger the inevitable Dead End combo at Salvage Borg Ship (Yup, Ferengi Infestation, The Higher the Fewer, Dead End), losing 6 points in the process, but with the mission cleared. Niall snagged himself 30 points from his first mission, but after taking off in his previously landed scout vessel (and before he moved away), I slapped him hard with a Loss of Orbital Stability – forcing a one turn delay. I then ploughed on with Navigate Argolis Cluster – but wary of more point loss, went in with 4 personnel only and the skills to solve – in case of either another The Higher The Fewer, or Lack of Preparation. It was both! I took the 4 point loss and solved to end on 60 points – with 40 in the bag next turn from my cleared Salvage Borg Ship and a mission specialist. So I ended my turn with the lockout move of In The Zone and despite Niall knowing he was done for, he battled on relentless, getting locked out by Linguistic Legerdemain at Test Mission, before I picked up the win the next turn. My first victory against Niall at a Regionals I believe – despite currently owning his ass at the last 4 consecutive UK Nationals.

Round 3BajoranadmiralgaryFW (+100)
Gary was running a TNG Romulan deck – a minor modification of the one I’d faced at Grimsby a month earlier. This time he’d remembered to bring all his mission specialists and I expected he would still be using Gaps in Normal Space (GINS) to mess with the spaceline, so I kept my missions as close together as possible. We both got off to a quick start – and Gary threw out some early GINS to mess with my ability to move around as quickly. Gary likes to run 24 dilemmas, and knowing that we generally play fair, he can pass up on ref cards to save a seed slot or two. It does mean that I can download both The Rozhenkos and Nikolai on the same turn (no General Quarters) and had both my draw engines going on turn 1. I started throwing people at missions as soon as I could muster, while Gary went for a high point mission at the far end of the spaceline – hitting a “mixed bag” series of dilemmas that tied him up for 2 turns each (The Cloud, Chula: The Game, and Friendly Fire). In those 6 turns I managed to clear and solve 3 missions (12 dilemmas), and despite losing 10 points to a Lack of Preparation, managed to get enough Mission Specialist points to pick up the full win.