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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E - Omarion Nebula Regional
2016-06-25 - 02:00 PM
StarfleetStexit: We have to Stem the flow of these Non Aligned Immigrants turning up at our Headquarters! ("That's Cool" "No it isn't!")
So, the wording of Protect the Timeline and the weird nature of Seat of Starfleet (which, being a normal Headquarters, allows Non-Aligned personnel and ships to report normally, just at the Time Location) meant I could take a different route to plug the normal Skill holes of Starfleet (before the next couple of sets do that anyway). It meant I could get skill beasts like Lore, Beverly and Will, Galen, Joachim, Koral etc for free - and throw in some Empathy for QI, Anya/Salia dilemma trickery etc. It meant abandoning the "classic" Starfleet draw engines (Finally Ready to Swim, We're Ready) so instead I opted for Temporal Shifting (hopefuly for free from Parallax Arguers) with a back up of Gint/35th Rule. Jonathan Archer would of course boost Parallax Arguers to 1 or 6 points, and a few other bonus points from Whales (C'mon Forrest, let's go find George and Gracie!) and the Phoenix would help this work as a 2-mission win deck. The mission layout is deliberately designed to confuse and make an opponent suspect I'm playing Ferengi - which worked well in my first match as Niall later revealed he'd seeded Dead End at my Mission II (which I never really had intention of attempting).

Round 1HirogenNiall MatthewFW (0)
This was the first of two matchups versus the Delta Quadrant - which meant a shorter and easier to navigate spaceline for me. Niall fell back on an old favourite affiliation - the Hirogen - in this case a Ref-free updated version of Ken Tufts making (All Hail Mighty Ken). He would need to hit 140 points, but that's not hard for the Hirogen skill-beasts! His initial desire to see me pull off solving Earth using Bribery (that would have been cool). Ultimately this was a very tight game. Niall was beasting through dilemmas. I had a planet solved and was going through a space mission. The last dilemma was Caretaker's Wave - and I had the solving skills (plus 3 Nav for the dilemma) on a spare ship, so I decided to let the Enterprise get taken off to the Delta Quadrant, just for shits and giggles. My other ship was 1 RANGE short of being able to solve, so Niall had one turn to complete a couple of cleared missions and solve a fourth mission to get to his target. He got to 105 points, but a Quantum Torpedo scuppered his progress and I got to 102 points on my turn (to win with the weird score of 102-105!)

Round 2FederationGlen "Lofty" ShipleyFW (+100)
"IF YA SMEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.... WHAT THE LOFT... IS... PROCESSING!!!!" Lofty was playing a "Full Complement of Shuttles" Deck with The Pendari Champion and Process Ore: Mining as a draw mechanic. That really was cool and he even had to agree at one point and let me have the 5 (later 6) points! He wasn't drawing the shuttles he needed (despite having Process Ore, Ancestral Vision, New Arrivals and Traveller Transcendence all out) so risking Voyager at a space mission and was damaged in the process. He struggled to recover from that while I finished a second mission (where he'd mis-seeded Quantum Incursions due to a lack of appropriate doorway - Temporal Microwormhole didn't cut the mustard) to reach 98 points and inched over the line in his turn with 2 final Parallax Arguers. Lofty has been doing great work in Beccles recruiting new players and I'm really excited that he will be joining us at Worlds this year! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Round 3FederationMichael KnightFW (+86)
Mike has only been playing for about a year (since last year's Beccles tournament, where he was running a copy of my TNG Fed deck from Regionals last year). He'd been practising with it ever since, and got the draw mechanics in the Love Café going early. However the spaceline setup messed with him. He had 5 missions in a row, but despite the central planet being a shared mission with 6 dilemmas underneath, it seemed the logical "jumping off point" to seed an outpost. This delayed his start as he then had to get to a different planet, only to hit Dead End, so was forced to change tactic and attempt space missions. I had some bad placement myself, so was "daisy-chaining" ships to travel from Earth to my nearest planet "The Last Outpost" as quickly as I could. Time was fast approaching, but I had one planet solved and could get through Maglock at a space mission next turn (would be my last after Mike's next and final turn) with just two further dilemmas to try to bust through). Mike had been hit by Friendly Fire at one space mission, however he cleared Navigate Argolis Cluster (breezing through the damage dilemmas with an army of Feds) and so went all-out to clear a second space, and chose to gamble on Edo Probe, but was screwed on range to move a Scow back and forth. I got hit by Ankari Spirits, but brought in a solving ship to pick up the cleared mission and get over the finish line.

Closing Thoughts
A great day had by all (and a lot of beer consumed) we moved on to some very bad and wrong suggestions from Cards Against Humanity!