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Paddy Tye (KazonPADD)
Tournament Report - 1E - Omarion Nebula Regional
2017-06-24 - 02:00 PM
KlingonKCAOh Jeremy Korvek!
So going in to this tournament I'd been torn between using the 22nd Century Klingons I'd helped design or revive my old KCA T'Ong drop with added Reunite Legends. In the end I mashed the two together and went with both options, building a capture/battle hybrid with options for a 2-mission win. I was hoping a more interference based deck would be enough to take down Alex's speed solvers.

Round 1KCAadmiralgaryMW (+40)View opponent's Report
Gary was also using Regent's Flagship! I started Kronos One in Mirror to avoid have to drag another ship back through the wormhole (and needing even more SCI/ENG to do so). Quadrant hoping cost me turns though, but in that time I did rack up some captives thanks to my dilemmas, but he had managed to solve 1 mission, and score 45 points (thanks to Historic Coming Together bonuses). Back in the alpha quadrant and with time running out, I managed to get through 2 missions for 75 points to pick up the modified win.

Round 2KCAGlen "Lofty" ShipleyFW (+100)
Lofty was also using Regent's Flagship I sense a theme here... I again started Kronos One in MQ and went to AQ to pick up more people and ships. Came back with an armada and destroyed his outpost, while his Regency 1 ran for safety in the alpha Quadrant to try his luck with the missions there, having been unable to pass Quantum Leap and losing personnel to capture dilemmas. Unfortunately he hit Cytherians and limped back into the path of destruction. I used the remaining time to clear Narendra III and Hunt for DNA Program to pick up the 2-mission win. Sorry Lofty!

Round 3Klingonalex dixonFW (+30)
Alex was also playing 22nd Century Klingons, but from the get go my ships were causing him problems. It became a waiting game -him steadily building up people, me building up a large fleet. We'd had 3 shared missions, so his options were limited. On turn 3 I captured his Prisoner Archer and set him to work in my own Gulag, with my ships waiting there as it was a good central location. Eventually Alex played a ship and STP dropped another to give him a fighting chance, and he went for broke. Attempted Qu'Vat colony, hit Edo Probe but continued, lost a captive, and hit Dead End. Moved his second ship to attempt next door, lost more captives, and hit Cytherians, but would be able to reattempt next turn. Destruction on my turn but he had one more stab. He'd been using Parallax Arguers and I'd given him points (they'd only count if he solved) but the Edo Probe loss kept him at 45 points. He tried to Arbiter but I Khan!ed. He thought it was cool, but I decided to tactically disagree. That forced him to go down the spaceline to attempt a third mission. Quantum Leap fucked him over as he only had 1 Archaeology in the entire deck! I blew up his ship, leaving him stranded on the planet, leaving me time to solve Narendra III and Hunt for DNA Program to get the win.

Closing Thoughts
Klingons back to being brutal motherfucking blow-shit-up Klingons! Fear the Empire! Overall a fun day had by all (unless playing against me)! More beer!