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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 1E Traditional
2011-01-09 - 01:00 PM
FerengiTerranCargo Runs: For Fun and Profit
A few of U.S. Marines were about to deploy in a few days, and I had become familiar with a few that stopped by the store in downtown Jacksonville, NC. I decided I ought to teach them a fairly simple game that we could take a few basic deck oveseas with and continue to play against each other.

Round 1RomulanMr. RegisterFW (+65)
Kyle Register is a AH-1W mechanic and like D and D style games, but is also a big MTG fan and so cards in any form are nothing new to him. He opted for Romulans and he is a particularly big fan of what he calls the "sneaky, sneaky." I think he has seen Mr. Deeds one too many times. In any event, Reg borrowed my buddy Matt Deardroff's Romulan build for the tourney. Its a basic build that relies on the Plans of the Tal Shiar and espionage cards to draw into mission completion. Reg had a time of it trying to grasp all of the new rules. He walked away from my deck mumbling something about the wrongness of Gold Pressed Latinum and "Orange Dudes." I told him that my deck was built over a longer time and I have played it before. He is just learning, and (while in hindsight it was not my best work playing the deck at a competitive level against a new player) that even though he lost, he was at least familiar enough with the rules to continue to play again with fewer questions about the basics. Reg eventually figured out the drawing cards principle, but not before the game was a wash...

Round 2DominionZachary DeanFW (+100)
Zach and I have been friends for a while now. I got him tech-ing with Klingons originally, but that build did not have Hero of the Empire of Klingon war Council, so there were no mechanics that could allow him to take advantage of the combat the Klingons enjoy. Playing Dominion this week, a build I helped him with, Zach was trying his luck against the FER deck he knew all too well from his Klingon phase. He hadn't had luck against Matt earlier so he wasn't looking forward to this round. I did win, but we figured out it was because he did not understand the importance of the Bajoran Wormhole in the deck concepts. 3 copies of Ultimatum were included to allow him to gain points by doing what Zack likes best: Blowing Ships UP, but he never got to use them because he never came through the Wormhole after me...

Round 3CardassianMatthew DeardorffFW (+74)
Matt Deardorff has been my friend for nearly 12 years. He didn't play the game back when it was still under license, but he has since picked it up, if only to help round out some of the first tournaments we had. matt hasn't been a very competitive player, but her put a lot of work into this Capture Build. (In fact this capture build took me by surprise a couple of weeks ago, so I think that my initial shock to the deck was gone and I was able to beat him because I wasn't looking at the board going, "WTF!") Well, Matt began capturing all of the important dudes off the bat, but was not prepared for me to follow up by not letting him gain the 10 bonus points off Interrogation early in the game. He basically played out the Interrogations too early, and well before I was hurting to get key players back in the game. I was basically able to pick and choose where and when I would take back my captives. He also wasn't building up his forces fast enough to complete the required missions. So the bonus points didn't put him over and he had nothing in his had to do anything to try to race me into mission completion.