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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 1E Standard
2011-03-05 - 01:00 AM
BajoranBajoran Trainer
So here are the results for our first tournament for Afghanistan. Here are the results. While I didn't win, I am happy that I was able to get this event off the ground and a few more people interested in playing again!

Round 1RomulanMr. RegisterFW (+60)View opponent's Report
I hate to say it, but Reg's deck really just took a crap on him. He had absolutely NO plays for free in his opening hand or in the next ten cards that he drew. I know that build is solid, and that there are always the remote possibilities that the deck can randomize against the player, but this was pretty bad. I think the trick for Reg will be finding away to make a "tool box" engine for his deck, that is: a way to hunt and peck for specific cards to pull and use. Final on this, turn three I have my first mission complete but was effectively force to do four missions by two run-ins with "The Higher... The Fewer."

Round 2CardassianNewellFW (+20)
So here we faced the Cardassian Capture Deck. I was NOT looking forward to this as I know how surgical the capture removal can be on my guys. Fortunately for me, Newell, was not picking the optimum cards to remove from my crews and away teams. I was able to complete regardless of the captured personnel. Also, Newell got stumped by the download feature on Agent Garak. He did not realize that using the SD was not a persona swap and could be used at any time. He never drew an Interrogation for any of the four guys he captured so never capitalized on the potential bonus points. I think that actually cost thim the game.

Round 3KlingonFerrellFL (-20)View opponent's Report
So in closing my first tourney went about as well as shooting myself in the foot but I had fun and learned a lot about my new Romulin deck. So all in all it was a good tourney with no complaint other than I need alone time with this deck so I can get to know it better. Ferrell was out late join. He filled in at the last minute for another player who did not want to play at the time we kicked things off. So he took the Klingon Deck and tore it up. While he started out with a Bye as Newell wasn't able to get here in time, he was still able to show a quick understanding of the deck mechanics and play style. to be fair, Ferrell got real luck in this game getting the RANGE 11 I.K.C. Fek'lhr out on turn 6 to start racing all over the boar and double completing missions for the win.