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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 1E Standard
2011-03-13 - 01:00 AM
VidiianThe Doctor is In
So this week I challenged myself to build a deck that could net me the most Achievements at once. I'm lookiing at five with the victory this week. I am proud of what I did, but I would have never imagined my deck could have been this effiecent.

Round 1CardassianNewellFW (+89)
Newell was back playing Cardassian Capture this week and he was off to a really good start. He captured on my first mission attempt and like clockwork was off scoring points on turn two via Interrogation. He was moved to 11 points when I said Five Lights to get my Dereth back to complete Automated Repair Station two turns later. Three turn later I was completing Wormhole negotiations while he was running into Dead End on the Homeworld.

Round 2KlingonFerrellFW (+100)
The mighty Klingon Deck that I underestimated last week. To be honest this deck was my main concern. I hadn’t seen enough of this deck in play to give it a fair assessment, so it was a large unknown. We started off with the same advantages; however, a first turn for free Marika with friends followed by Motura into Dereth into Vidiian Harvester was pretty sweet for me. I was solving Liberation on turn 2, and exploring the AQ turn three. I completed Automated Repair Station turn four and he ran into an Abandon Ship! that force all his crew save one off the universal K't'inga, and the last dies to Ankari Sprits. After that I captured the survivors of the Abandoned Ship and escorted them to Vulcan where we Observed a Ritual two turns later. On turn seven when it looked as though the I.K.C. Fek'lhr was going to complete his survey mission, he lost six points to The Higher... The Fewer. Alien Parasites and REM Fatigue moved him under my control into the DQ where he was stopped. Next turn I moved to Observe a Stellar Rebirth, and was stopped short. The Fek'lhr came back but had to B-Line it to the Outpost where it remained docked when I was watching the Birth of a Star.

Round 3RomulanMr. RegisterFW (+100)
So Reg was working the Romulans. Last two games fro him, he has been denied at the last turn to be beaten out by longer RANGEd ships. The game with Register was much the same as the ones with Newell and Ferrell, but I had a much, much slower start. I didn't solve Liberation until turn for and then Automated Repair Station till turn seven. It was not until turn nine that I hit Wormhole Negotiations and Observe ritual. Reg played EDO probe on both the Wormhole Negotiations, and Observe Ritual, so when I hit the first one on the WN, and the moved to OR, I just ate the -10 knowing I would be stopped. Observe Ritual lead to the need to the Wormhole and I headed back to wind it up turn ten to seal the deal. His deck unfortunately spun its wheels and by the time he was making traction, I was running into the goal post.