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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 1E Sealed
2011-05-15 - 01:00 AM
FederationOTSD TOS
Due to the ever-shifting work schedules and the gradual draw down of our unit over the course of one month, this event spent a long time getting off of the ground. Happily, however, we were able to run this event in the closing days of our time in Afghanistan.

Round 1Bo PulliamFW (+60)
Pulliam is a buddy and former roommate of mine. he didn't deploy with our unit, but he made it out to AFG all the same with his current unit. Once he was out there with us, it was only a matter of time before we all had the opportunity to sit and play. Pulliam is a little rusty at the game and it showed. I was able to help him walk through much of the game and control the speed of the game so that he was able to not become overwhelmed with things going too fast and out of control. I was able to complete my missions first and capitalize on the mineral survey's draw card ability early on.

Round 2Mr. RegisterFW (+5)
Kyle is quickly becoming an avid player of Trek. While his greatest endeavor (so he says) is to eventually defeat me, he nearly did here. The beginning of this game was largely in my favor, space door into Starship Constitution followed on the second turn by Starship Enterprise: SD Spock... nice. it is to his credit that he recovered so well. and the game went into the final turn where it was either i finish the mission or he had it next turn, so I do not feel as though he was all that unhappy with his performance.

Round 3NewellFW (+80)
Newell remains one of the hardest player to lock down for time to play. Fortunately, we were able to commit him to a time and place and were able to get some good games out of him. In hindsight, I wish Newell had not been soo busy, as I am sure that the constraints on his time affected his deck design. Newell was rusty at the start needing a few reminders on the seed phase and the three steps of a normal turn, but once he had the rhythm down he was able to complete two of his missions before I was able to get up and running (lousy draw...) After stabilizing, I was able to bolt through his seeded dilemma as his pool of potential dilemmas was not what he could have hoped for...