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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2014-06-09 - 12:00 PM
TerranTOS Crewman
The "A Fun Idea" tournament generated out of a post by Squircifer asking what Universal Personnel would be the best to build a deck around where that one Universal Personnel would be the only personnel allowed in the deck. After several posts of discussion I decided to run a tournament along that deck-building requirement. It certainly wasn't my Best tournament ever, but I did have fun.

Round 1RomulanAndreas MicheelFL (-65)
Michael had hands down the best opposition deck of the tournament. He had a solid understanding of what people were going to be running (Equipment) and what Skills would be in short supply (Security). I lost two ships to Plasma Fires and all of my equipment to Disrupter Overload! I learned that a lack of a draw engine with a deck the size I was running was not conducive to getting the cards I needed. I solved only one mission for 35 points.

Round 2Non-AlignedJon CarterFL (-65)View opponent's Report
I learned more about deck-building form Jon's build then I have from any other deck I have played against. Jon's understanding of the "A Fun Idea allowed him to build a lightning fast deck around the Universal Talaxian and run a 4 DQ mission spaceline that would net him 150 points. his two non-DQ Missions were coincidentally the same ad two of my missions which I though was odd; even more so that he included them with no real intention to attempt them. Jon Understood that if he built a deck that enabled him to RedShirt with the Talaxian crew, he could come in with his Prison Break Crew and solve all of his DQ missions. I managed to YAAM at the right time, but it wasn't enough to stop him! I solved only one mission for 35 points, the same mission as my game one.

Round 3Non-AlignedMeinhard S. RohrFL (-42)
I am really pleased with how this game went. While I lost, I was able to score more points against Stefan than in any of my other games! I also have the first points so that was nice as well. At this point in the tournament I was counting every small victory as a major one. Ultimately, Stefan's deck came online and I was q-netted into a mission a could not solve and disruptor overloaded into insufficient skills.

Closing Thoughts
I loved my deck Idea, and would run it again, though altering the deck design in major ways. I liked Jon's fast and light and the draw engine that never seemed to come online for me. I will likely play My TOS Wilson Deck again, though it will be sometime before I do. I am also interested in trying this format out again. Maybe in 6 months or a year, but I think the players enjoyed the even overall and I am happy that I was able to provide the opportunity to play. thanks to all those who played!