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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2015-03-01 - 12:00 AM
MaquisBlock (Maq.0)
As a player who has been looking forward to a true Maquis engine with which to play, I was very excited for the Maquis expansion. While I am hopeful that 1E will eventually get the Native American Indians from Dorvan V as personnel, as well as an errata on Dorvan V to be in the DMZ, I was really eager to test a TNG Warp Core CM-->Defending Their Homes-->They Call Themselves the Maquis. This is the build I came up with.

Round 1lotjxFL (-25)
This was an interesting game to say the least. My opponent declined to Skype the matchup for reasons I am not 100% certain about. The game started as most 1E game do, but on turn 1 or 2 my opponent played a card I was sure wasn't in Block. After some discussion on Block vs "OTF" we elected to continue to play as no one was available to answer our question clarifying the format at that time. Long story short. I managed to lock him out of missions long enough to keep the game VERY close. I had the win on the following turn if he had had not won when he did. OVERALL: I am very proud of the performance of my Block Deck against his Finest Crew "OTF" deck. FINAL Score: was 100-70, Full Loss for me.

Round 2MaquisFederationJohn Paul VeaseyFW (+65)
What a wonderful game; complete with over lapping missions and similar priorities/objectives. Both of us had DMZ missions so as anyone who knows how the seed phase can quickly become complicated by this situation, you will understand how some of the main missions received special dilemma attention. Both of our Dilemma piles were geared towards locking out the mission for several turns so that was also interesting. Both of our Decks included Macius exchange interactions to get people, but the amazing thing about his deck is how he used Renewal Scroll to trip amazing draws. Tabor, Teero and Ro Laren (Maq) with Sito Jaxa made the renewal Scroll excellent for him. Another very close game, much closer than the score suggests. OVERALL: Performance of my deck was hampered by not having Youth as a Skill. This became a recurring problem dealing with Incentive-Based Economics... FINAL Score: 100-35 Full Win for me.

Round 3KlingonKris SonstebyFL (-40)View opponent's Report
Wanna know how to shut down 1E klingons? Have Gowron Underestimate the Founders turn 2... Even though I lost this Game, I had more fun slowing the pain train Kris was bringing down. I ultimately sabotaged myself by miscalculating the movement of The Nexus and battled when I should have attempted. I learned more interesting game interactions with Cloaked Ships and The Nexus, nice plays by Kris. After using Underestimate the Founders to Help my Break Prisoner and setting Dr. Soran under the Nexus, I could not get the remaining 40 points. I opted to Battle instead of attempt and that put me too far behind once the Nexus caught my last ship that was stuck due to the battle. OVERALL: I need to remember to not get distracted from my objectives. Deck Draws and plays were good, but VERY slow compared to the multi-free-play engines that Kris was running. If I had not Shutdown Gowron, it would have been a runaway... FINAL Score: 100-60 Full Loss for me.

Round 4BajoranJeremy HuthFW (+40)