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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2015-04-06 - 12:00 AM
MaquisFederationBlock (Maq/Fed.0)
Hosted a small Block tourney as I feel that this format is underrepresented online. At the outset we had one new player, VioletBlaze joining the 1E tourney community so I hope that this tournament serves to help familiarize you more with 1E. Good luck to everyone.

Round 1DominionViolet EdgarFW (+35)View opponent's Report
I played Violet in a really great game. She was playing a Dosi, Ferengi Maquis Gamma-Solver deck that was really well constructed. I played another iteration of my TNG Maquis deck, but made several egregious pilot errors in the seed and in the first two turns of the game. During the seed, the game basically developed into AQ solver vs GQ solver. Running two outposts with no overlapping missions or access to an opponent's AQ mission where I could seed one of my two outposts IOT turn one trigger Seek Out New Life. This mix up placed me a full turn behind before the game hit turn one! I will have to pay closer attention that. Turn one mistake was using JLP as my Card play. It cost me another tun as I should have DL a UNIV ship (Oberth) to Fed Outpost via AAA as the card play IOT get my mission special its to m opponent's mission turn 2. Instead the Seek Out New Life did not trigger until turn three by which point I had already drawn into what I wanted turn one. On my opponent: As a New Player, Violet was did an excellent job piloting her deck. I would have likely lost this game (She has an open mission and able to solve the next turn had I not won when I did). I hope to see you in more block tourneys my friend! OVERALL: I need to remember to not get distracted from my objectives, as evidenced in my choice of seeding locations and initial play decisions. Also, draws were a bit slow though. I didn't see a Starting over for the first 9 turns. However, I discovered that 2x Digs work as a pseudo draw engine with JLP for a couple of turns, so that was nice :) Plays were good, but VERY slow compared to the multi-free-play engines that are typical in block. I thought the addition of SciDip would solve for that but not-so-much. FINAL Score: 100-65 Full Win for me.

Round 2DominionKenneth TuftsFL (-5)
Ken and I play what is to date my most interesting online game. From Lackey issues where we could not see some (only some) of the correct card images, we had a fun time adding notes to much of the spaceline. During the Seed, it was clear that I was not going to have to worry about battle and that I could keep him bottled in the GQ. This made seed selections for my dilemmas easier. For me, this was one of the most favorable spacelines I have played Maquis on. Everything was exactly where I wanted it to go. That said; during the play, I was unprepared for Ken to immediately begin redshirting (something I am not thinking to do in Block... He was able to test out and adequately prepare for may of the combos I had running. I was really trying to bring my best game forward because I have not yet had the opportunity to play Ken and so Playing him was fairly intimidating. As the game progressed it looked like I could hold him. Dr Tolian Soran under The nexus turn 2 was very helpful when I completed the first mission and had the ability to blow through Dead End. I had the personnel and ships to get to the Host Metaphasic and solve, but I screwed up. I needed 45 points to win, and I DELIBERATELY broke CM in order to play someone I DID NOT NEED, but thought would help. and while they did help, I missed an interaction with Macius and Tuvok in the discard to get the same skills I Broke CM to get. I filed to note that I needed CM in order to trigger the extra points from SciDip! Missed the 6 points on Kurak for the win. (so stupid) To make matters worse, that same turn I cleared Assist Damaged Vessel BUT.... the only ship I had access to was Cosette... (So, So, stupid...) FINAL Score: 100-95 Full Loss for me (with an open mission and a very valuable lesson in CM interactions...)

Round 3Michael Van BreemenFW (+30)
Michael and I played the last game of the tourney and If I wasn't already intimidated that I had to Play Ken, I was certainly twitterpaited to play MVB. Issues again with Lackey, but they were quickly resolved after some toggling of the Updates. During the seed it looked like I would be playing another GQ solver (really sad about this as I was hoping for a Host Metaphasic overlap at some point in the tourney....) I felt comfortable about the dilemmas he seeded (only stacks of 3 and a couple at 4). But I was really worried about a deck that had 26 cards in it after Seed DownLoads... During Play it was Clear that I was going to be out paced in play engines. I was hoping that my Friendly Fire/Stall combos would hold up. and for the most part he did not hit them. The one exception was Linguistic Legerdemain nd that saved me big time. I played yet another solid start but made a big mistake when I was trying to get to my 100 points. I believe I began the turn by saying "I can do this if I don't screw it up..." I then immediately played regenerate to (when I did not NEED to) build my draw deck up again. and that Pulled Quark (maq) out of the discard so I could not cheat him in with Macius and solve Supply Terrorists (more stupid). So at 70 points he draws out his deck and plays out his had to get LITERALLY EVERY personnel and hip he had in play! Then he spent a few mins figuring GQ distances and spans in order to decide which mission to tackle. Meanwhile I am sweating bullets hoping that he goes to the ONE mission I know he could not pass. it should be noted that ANY of the other two mission he had he would have blown through and won the game. Instead he take the staked Defiant to a GQ space to hit Precision Piloting, Devastating Communique, Space-borne Entity and finally Subspace Shockwave! Result was all his ships and personnel in play --> all his ships and personnel in the discard with no have (played out to navigation Schematic ships and people to the same spot earlier in the turn) and no draw deck. This forced a concession. FINAL Score: 100-70 Full Win for me.

Closing Thoughts
I enjoy running tournaments. I will try to do more, but I am hoping to get more people playing in them. I think I will continue the Another Block series once a month to see how the response is. These tournaments are the best time I have playing and learning with no group here, so I hope to keep learning and playing great players!