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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2015-05-11 - 12:00 AM
MaquisMaquis Test 0.1
Wanted to rep my MAQUIS friends, but unfortunately, I poorly executed the deck in the first few rounds and so... here we are...

Round 1KazonKenneth TuftsFL (-100)
I but the deck with very few things in mind outside the basics of "Keep it Maquis." However, I did think the odds of my facing a pure battle deck were remote so I deliberately ignored all of the MAQUIS advantage to one-sided combat. Used to Being Outnumber and Hidden Fighter were ignored in the deck-building as I had other "options" but none to assist with battle. Ken had every tech card in the book to keep me down. Tachyon Detection Grid?! Docking Procedures x2, just crazy stuff I should have considered but failed to. Was almost able to hold to a MW by time, but fortunately for Ken he was able to pull out the FW in the final turn.

Round 2FederationAlexander SchmitzFL (-70)
Ferengi Infestation again. My initial execution of the deck followed the first to steps nearly perfectly (missed Seek out New Life first turn). After hitting Infestation and knowing it would hold my Nor down a few turns I abandoned the take over attempt and that was the mistake of the game. I danced around and was not focussed in anything I tried to do, do I just got held down. Good game.

Round 3BorgChristianFL (-80)
Ferengi Infestation and again. This time I stayed with the Empok take over efforts and had a solid start. Biggest issue for Empock Nor is my Universal mission and that I am running two of them I had a total of 4 missions stolen in the first three rounds of the tourney and that was disastrous to my overall game. Missed including Defensive measures. I feel that that card is essential to Maquis (the way I have tried to play them) and so will include those in the future.

Round 4DominionJohn Paul VeaseyFW (+100)
For this game my execution of the deck was flawless and it showed. Dilemma strategy worked perfectly as I was hoping to see a lot of quadrant diversity (only in games 4 and 5 did I actually see this). Held the table for a solid win and great card draws/plays. I was finally getting the hang of the way I wanted the deck to play.

Round 5FerengiSebastian KirsteinFW (+7)
Another solid start and was happy not to see Ferengi Infestation turn 1. (Friendly Fire and that was easy enough to get past). This game was really fun and I am grateful to Sebastian for all of his insights into my deck and what I might do differently.

Closing Thoughts
1) Never discount Battle 2) Do not play in Multiple tourneys when testing an untested deck in OTF... You miss executing the deck properly unless you fully understand it. 3) I would play this deck again with only minor changes. MAybe next time :)