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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2015-08-10 - 12:00 AM
VidiianReading Rainbow
Keep it small, capitalize on the free plays!

Round 1Chris LobbanFW (+80)
Was a pleasure to play Chris for the first time. We both started out strong with a free play engine each, but I was able to build up more steam then my opponent and simply took off. Was very happy with my seeds and my card plays!

Round 2BorgHirogenMatthew TingFL (-100)
Learned a great deal from Matt, especially that not all seeded cards are dilemmas (Betazoid WHAT!?) This is another game where the spacemen made me greedy and that lead to a very bad decision at the start of the game. Wrong place for an outpost, wrong place for dilemmas, and ho yeah, that dbl partial scattering field BS was a pain. Distance is the lesson I learned here. OPEN SEALED means you need stand off distance unless your pool facilitates something more aggressive.

Round 3Ted ReebelFW (+25)
Great game against a player who I am happy to have played for the first time. Ted went with an all space, spaceline and I thought that would be a challenge for me seeding dilemmas, however I managed to place the planet dilemmas appropriately and was able to capitalize on my knowledge of the dilemmas under his space missions. I cleared my Hale Life form and scored +5 pts x2 from his dilemmas so 45 to me. Next turn my Galaxy crew was hijacked by the Emergent Life form and that staled my build up further. After being dragged around the space line, Ted had completed two missions for 75 points and was looking to seal the deal with a planet. Unfortunately in his attempt, he ran into his own mis-seed and so had to abandon that attempt and move to another mission. Next turn I was able to complete both Test Propulsion and Border Incursion, with some "Save-The-Albino-via-Reflection-Therapy" in order to pass Hippocratic Oath/The Game Combo which I had seeded. Squeezed me in to the win, which would have been his on the following turn. Good, Close Game.

Round 4BorgRomulanFederationMichael MoskopFL (-10)
This was the closest game I have ever played. During the Seed phase, my opponent messed dilemmas heavily under my missions and put nothing under his. I thought this to my advantage and began to pick off missions with my known dilemmas. THE GAME: Moving quickly to a 60 -0 lead, I was unable to drop Astrophysics for a mission steal for four turns. During this time, my opponent was able to move his built up team to two missions and easily clear them out. I managed to jump back up to a 90-35 lead, but stalled on a Dejaren, and he snuck in his final mission the next turn. His strategy of not seeding under his missions made my dilemmas pretty pitiful when he decided to blow through them. He squeaked up to 100 points when next turn I would have either cleared the mission with Dejaren for 30 OR attempted Establish Relations and won on bonus points (Vendetta and Hyper-Aging for +10) before the attempt ended... So, so close... Great game sir!

Closing Thoughts
I liked the speed and versatility of the deck. My own mistakes cost me one game, and seed strategy and my conservative nature forced me to play too close to the chest with my crews in games I lost. For sealed I feel the strategy best is the one that keeps to your plan and stays on that path. Getting greedy and not adapting during the seed is too costly....