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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 2E - Online Event
2015-08-10 - 12:00 AM
MaquisGood morning Vietnam 2E
This tournament is my first time actually playing 2E, and not just telling AVB and Nathan that I am going to learn to play soon. I choose Maquis because lots of players have stated that the are difficult to build around. As someone who has no real point of comparison I figured it will be a nice learning curve for me, if steep.

Round 1Jason BeyerMW (+15)
Played my man Jason Beyer (Sevencardspud). Jason and I have tried to play before, but life happened and I missed out. What was really interesting about our game is that we had the same HQ and three overlapping missions. While similar, this was in no way a mirror match, we each had different strategies to playing the Maquis. I can see here some of the power lies and I am certainly looking at revisions to the deck I built. Mostly stuff to trim. Hope fully in the next run of this desk, I will see a bit more consistency. THE GAME: Jason took an early lead and then spent point to mess with my hand. This slowed me down, but near as much as my first experience with the Dilemma pile and mission attempts. I can see why 2E revolves around attributes. That said, I missed a few triggered to mess with his board, specifically not returning Amros to hand so I could exploit the event/interrupt downloads. I also should have played not easily taken earlier than I did. OVERALL: Learning Occurred! I managed a MW at 45-30, but not for a lack of effort to close out my last mission. Chula the Game managed to stop a person upon the reveal of cult the dice when he only had 1 point to spend. Chula the Dice fizzled but not before The Game stopped one of the people I needed to get the strength requirement.

Round 2StarfleetAndrey GusevFL (-60)
This game was another steep learning curve for me. I felt that my dilemma pile bought me a sufficient amount of time to produce, however, I made poor decisions in game for trying to ferret out dilemmas in the initial attempts on my missions. Also, my unfamiliarity with the cards prevented me from capitalizing on some opportunities, and thinking erroneously about possibilities I believed open to me, but really were not. THE GAME: I stalled out with few cards in hand/to play and that did not help me overcome the return-to-dilemma-pile dilemmas my opponent was running. Mission attempts are better with more, especially early game.

Round 3TOSJon CarterFL (-55)View opponent's Report
So this game was my first experience with a 2E alternate win Condition deck... THE GAME: With Biogenic weapon in my opening hand (not to mention first card play) I missed what Terraspehere 8 does once complete. So, So stupid on my part. I got swamped by 8472 dilemmas and the game was over pretty quickly from that point. Though my dilemma pile did a fair job stalling out the opponent, but Jon was able to play loads of folks quite fast and prevent me from making effective stops. OVERALL: I learned a mother new approach to the game in TOS builds as piloted by Jon. I was also instructed on some if the finer points of WHEN and WHILE distinctions... I can see how mastery of this concept could be essential for competitive players.

Round 4ByeBY (0)

Closing Thoughts
Great introductory to 2E. Thank you to all my opponents who helped me through my first tournament. I hope it wasn't too much of a bother.