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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2015-08-15 - 12:00 PM
MaquisBlock at Warp Speed
So this is a new take on an old Rules Set, Block at Warp Speed. J and Ken both helped me mentally tackle the challenges to working this into shape and I think it has potential as a format for introducing new players to Block play. We will see how it goes.

Round 1DominionRoss FertelFW (+30)View opponent's Report
For this first game I was able to counteract the ludicrous amount of free-plays my opponent had with a set dilemma strategy (that actually worked) and a good fake in the spaceline as far as what missions I would pursue. This bought me enough time to get through the dilemmas and solve the missions.

Round 2Matt KirkFW (+100)
Unfortunately my opponent decided that this particular format was not for him and has elected to drop form the tournament. When I decided on this format as a different way for players to try to experience block it did not occur to me that players who elected to participate would find it so much un-fun that they would wish to stop playing. To my opponent , my apologies for your experience. I hope that we will get the opportunity to play each other under more favorable instances in the future.

Round 3BajoranRichard CrandallTT (0)
Richard and I both hit huge stumbling blocks early on in the tournament. My dilemmas forced him to my end of the spacemen, but that was to his advantage and I was unprepared for battle. Fortunately I was able to keep him away from his mission last with the threat of mutually assured destruction. We both solved one mission for 35 points and the game came down to a TT when he was stopped by my dilemmas. Turn would have had massive battling and blowing up of ships and things so it was a fairly crazy game.

Closing Thoughts
I liked this format. I know that I cannot speak for everyone who played as I am sure some liked it, and some did not. However, I am trying to get some local people into playing and the inherently lengthy 1E tutorial is somewhat off-putting for them. Warp Speed is a pretty straight forward way to play by comparison and I think it would do well as a means in block to motivate my play group to get interested enough in 1E to begin t want to play more.