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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2015-10-25 - 12:00 AM
KCAReading Rainbow
This was my attempt to build a tight extremely solid suppression deck. Draw backs were the range and the inability to adapt to a combat environment. Must work on these points as they are recurring short comings. Deck is designed to seed dilemmas everywhere. Other seed crds are designed to get outposts/stations out into the spacemen and be able to leap frog the cards around. Free plays are the BRC Resistance people and the first turn is the DL of the CM Kat'Tinga with the DL into the only target in the deck. Solid start with the 2 MS.

Round 1Jordan SmithFW (0)
My game against Jordan was really fast paced. I was able to suppress the majority of his opening actions with Particle Scattering Field and a couple rouge borg plays. After the 10th turn it was pretty clear he was not going to be able to keep pace with the deck.

Round 2Matthew KingFW (0)

Round 3KlingonKris SonstebyFL (0)View opponent's Report
My game against Kris was also really fast paced. Played really well against his strategy early but made two early play mistakes. Both of these can be chalked up to me jumping the gun and acting early. I essentially lost this game due to my own in ability to be patient. Solid lessons learned.

Closing Thoughts
Play the deck you have. Stay away from the opponent if possible; ESPECIALLY in the SEED!