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Edwin Latrell (Latrell)
Tournament Report - 1E - Online Event
2015-11-23 - 12:00 AM
I want Bajor to be good! I think this is it, and I will keep working on this.

Round 1BajoranFederationMatt KirkFW (+55)
This first game was probably my hardest fought game. As the second player, I was not in control of DS9 when he seeded it, however, I was able to seed things to prevent takeover, where he was not. Issues arose early on about some timing elements, but fortunately they were resolved. After some more discussion, and at my opponents prompting to 'get on with it,' The Bajorans went-a-solving and did very well in completing all the points necessary for the win that same turn. Very happy with this game.

Round 2KCAMichael Van BreemenFL (-20)
Playing MVB is always a lesson and I took notes. I know KCA is a free report heavy deck and as soon as I saw it, I new I have to plan to play against a strong clock. Fortunately my deck was also exploiting free reports, but I kept getting hemmed up on plays with KCA/crossover, and that slowed me down. I was able to keep pace with him, even gaining 10 pts off Disguise Encroachment, but he got through our shared Test Warship, and that was it. I am learning that it is a big mistake in block to not have to space/planet missions in the primary quadrant. It enables blocking for the planet/space full win when one gets locked out of the only other option.

Round 3KCADaniel MattesonFW (+20)
Good to play Dan again! He had me on the ropes the whole game. a deck VERY much like Michaels, I knew what I would be up against. However, my deck was VERY SLOW!!! I have no explanation for how I won this game other then after turn 5/6 I was abel to get 3-4 personnel in per turn and that made me more confident to attempt. I got extremely lucky in completing two missions my last turn when he would have solve two of his own the next. Very good, very close game.

Closing Thoughts
USE alliance for global unity's TEXT!!!! Every time I solved a mission I forgot to DL a card!!!!