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James Booker (Shooter McGavin)
Tournament Report - 2E - North American Continentals Day Two
2013-08-17 - 02:00 AM
TNGTobias likes REM, I figured he liked the Scorpions.

Round 1BorgJared HoffmanFW (+90)View opponent's Report
Eventually we are seated and sit across from Hoffman who reveals his Borg deck. I’m sort of happy when I see this because I knew I had a chance to win if I kept his key events off the table, captured the Queen, and played fast. Hoffman goes first and he does his standard set up. He gets an early Energize to which I have no answer. I get a pretty quick start and I end up solving the cadet mission on my second attempt. Hoffman was stopped on consecutive turns by my Gomtuu and WNOHGB. On the turn after I solved cadet mission, I played Data and I sent a real away team to solve the mission the first attempt. Hoffman didn’t stop enough guys and I ended up winning 100-10. I was pretty stoked to take down the 1 seed and the guy who beat me yesterday. Charlie said I had an hour before my Round 3 match would start so I wandered through the dealer room and talked with Neil Timmons about knee injuries and children. I find out Matt Kirk won in the second round and would be my third round opponent.

Round 2ByeBY (0)
Downloaded some P!NK songs.

Round 3RomulanMatt KirkML (-1)View opponent's Report
This game was a close one. I went first but he was able to keep me from solving the cadet mission for a decent amount of time. However, he was off to a slow start because he couldn’t download as much stuff as he wanted to because I kept interrupts out of my hand. I believe he solved a quick 30 point mission without much resistance but on subsequent attempts he was hit by a Gomtuu and Greater Needs. Eventually, I solve the cadet mission and head over to my planet mission and try to solve with two different away teams, but the mission got tagged with a Timescape. As I’m ending my turn, Charlie says we have 10 minutes left and Matt begin his turn. He spends some time thinking about he wants to do and he plays some guys and decides to play an At What Cost and prolongs his turn even more. He takes some time to figure out his two away teams and sends one down. After I play some dilemmas the away team gets stopped. Time is called and he starts his second attempt. Unfortunately, my random selection on my Unfair Terms fails to snag his 2 cost guy with Anthropology and he ends up using Power Shift 4 times to meet the attributes requirement of the mission to go along with the skills he has to solve the mission. I had 55 points when time was called. He only had 40 points, but because he solved both a planet and a space mission, he was the winner. After the game ended, Charlie came over I expressed my disgust of the time rules in such a high level event and I told Matt that he played pretty slow at the end. To be fair, he had to take a lot of time to figure out his away teams and he did play AWC to prolong his turn, but I was just irritated that I was eliminated from the tournament in such a way. Also, I wasn’t going to call a judge to come make Matt play faster because it’s a not a practical thing to do for a number of reason. For one, there wasn’t a judge that was solely monitoring the top 16. Two, the community is too fragile to have players accusing others of playing slow during an event and to have Charlie crack down on them. Three, as I said before, it was an important turn and I think Matt needed to take the time to organize his away teams. I think I’m more upset with how Matt completed his second mission. Power Shift allows a player to take advantage of the timing rules by manipulating his crew’s attributes by sacrificing what become meaningless points. Romulans are already a slow deck, but I have the feeling that this can be abused in the future. I know I won’t get a lot of sympathy because I played Cadets, but at least I was playing to win the game in a straight forward manner. This was the first time I really felt slighted at a Trek event. All of my opponents have always been extremely honorable. I know people don’t follow the same rules I do, but if I were in Matt’s position, I would have likely conceded because I wouldn’t feel right winning the way that he did. Without sinking his meaningless score, he doesn’t advance. On Friday, I feel I showed some class by conceding to Hoffman. On Saturday, Matt played in a manner that, while not illegal, was fairly scummy due to his long last turn and his use of Power Shift to win via a technicality. What’s the lesson to be learned from all of this? If you can use the rules to your advantage, you have every right to do so, but you must deal with the consequences of those actions. Hoffman and I have a great relationship. For as hard of a time as I give him about playing decks bigger than his kids, I genuinely like the guy because he never tried to be a scumbag to me in the many games we have played going back to the 1990s. When I had to chance to win on a technicality against Hoffman, I didn’t take it. I feel this preserved the relationship Hoffman and I have. As for Matt, I’m afraid I can’t say the same thing. He advanced to the next round I hope he is happy with his accomplishment that he earned.

Round 4Missed GameMG (0)
Watched youtube vids of kittens

Round 5Missed GameMG (0)
Played some Star Wars LCG.

Closing Thoughts
I'll come back next year.