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Aaron Vorpagel (captain_janman)
Tournament Report - 1E - North American Continental
2013-08-17 - 02:00 AM
BajoranLosing my religion
Well got to play in the Continentals so a great thanks to Charlie for making that happen - had to use generic tickets since it was full on Gencon's website. Had a blast even though I did not win any games, in four of the five games, I was one turn from winning. So the deck was at least competitive.

Round 1David BowlingFL (-100)
David was playing the Borg. He put a bunch of "space" mission cards in between my bajor region mission so it took way to long to get my forces together and thus was to slow.

Round 2Andrew BowlingFL (-100)
Bajoran versus Ferengi. The ferengi are just to fast with the free reports and card draws Andrew was able to bust through my dilemmas pretty easily with the amount of equipment he had.

Round 3BorgPhil SchraderML (-15)
Phil was playing Borg. Game went to time - almost won it but he was able to stop my final mission attempt on the last turn and thus had a modified win

Round 4BorgSean O'ReillyFL (-30)
Once again I was playing against the Borg. Sean's deck was effective. I did slow him down with relocating three of his medical to another planet. He won the game on the turn before I would have accomplished the last mission to win the game. As a side note, we played against each other for three straight days. Sean was very nice to play - hopefully we play each other again!!

Round 5FederationWilliam JolleyFL (-60)
Worst game of the day. Could not get any card draws and my dilemmas did nothing to even slow him down. At least it was not Borg that I was playing against. His android deck worked very efficiently.

Closing Thoughts
Hope for better results next year. Everyone was very nice and helpful. Again I had a blast and learned a lot. Thanks to all - especially all at the CC that worked so hard to make this such an enjoyable weekend