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bandana8472 (bandana8472)
Tournament Report - 2E - Andoria Regional
2014-05-31 - 11:00 AM
TNGDon't Take Chances With Your Reputation
mn regional, always timeless. mr. subrocket and I were stoked and ready to play.

Round 1VoyagerNon-AlignedHell's HeartIan ParmenterFW (+60)
first game ever against ian. good times, gracious opponent, interesting mechanic. my deck poured into play, and I was able to pass both a gorgan and a tactical on the way to victory.

Round 2RomulanSteve NelsonFW (+40)
chess match against an old friend. steve put some of my mechanic on ice with his core events and I tried to stay fast. dilemmas kept me in there. he won the last time, I won this one! great game, steve.

Round 3TNGNat KirtonFW (+5)
matt vs. nat in round three. it seems to happen a lot. and like the above match with steve, we seem to trade the win back and forth. nats core events kinda helped me this time, and an early secret eye dee helped me force nat into his plan b strat. good game, nat.

Round 4KlingonRomulanKevin JaegerML (-30)View opponent's Report
what can you say about a match against kevin? top player, high levels of bravado, overwhelming desire to win... he gets in the zone and goes for it. I will say this - it remains a nice compliment when big kev gets excited and all red-in-the-face when he's about to put this old horse down with one of his art projects. thanks, buddy.

Closing Thoughts
dang! another regional come and gone. I had a blast and achieved all of my goals. I'm proud to take second place among such a field. I didn't see any of the strategies that I planned to face. same goes for dilemmas. good to see everyone! looking forward to continentals.