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bandana8472 (bandana8472)
Tournament Report - 2E
2015-01-24 - 10:00 AM
TNGDon't Take Chances With Your Reputation
mt. subrocket and i came lightly prepared with pies' christmas present in tow...

Round 1StarfleetBarry WindschitlFW (+60)View opponent's Report
got going fast and caught more good fortune against barry's dilemmas than i should have.

Round 2TOSrakesubrocketFL (-35)View opponent's Report
best game ever in a super-close mirror match against my wingman that ended exactly how it should. congrats on 3rd place!

Round 3TOSKris SonstebyFL (-65)View opponent's Report
distractions distracted me from giving my old friend the game he deserved as we trade off wins yet again.

Closing Thoughts
looking forward to redeeming myself at next month's academy gig! thanks to jer for running a great tourney.