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bandana8472 (bandana8472)
Tournament Report - 2E
2015-12-12 - 10:30 AM
CardassianDon't Lead If You Won't Lead
Really wanted to play romulan/bajoran secret conspiracy but couldn't get it together in time.

Round 1DS9Jeremy BenedictFL (-35)
Thought I had a clever anti security combo early game... But forgot about hand weapons.

Round 2KlingonRomulanJustin KaufmanFW (+100)
All of his security was on the bottom of the drawdeck

Round 3CardassianSteve NelsonFW (+5)
Epic equipment malfunction at kressari put this one in overdrive

Closing Thoughts
My favorite format. Hands down the most fun for 2e. My game against Nelson had more depth than any standard construction game I played all year. Let's do this more often people!