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Joel Bray (Lejo)
Tournament Report - 2E Standard - Risa Regional
2011-06-18 - 02:00 PM
DominionAlpha Division 1.0
Santa Barbara Risa's 2E Regional tournament was held today. I elected to play a deck affiliation (Dominion, Alpha Quadrant) for an achievement and to inject some diversity into the local meta. I expected a number of Federation decks to appear (they did), so I elected to have fun. Fun was indeed had! Prize support was phenominal (I claimed an exclusive "Section 31" podcast prize) and so was the gameplay (despite some painful mistakes that cost me a win). Appreciation to everyone who attended and some "handsomely exclusive" participation prizes were also handed out.

Round 1BajoranMaquisThomas VinebergFL (-15)
TV loves his "fat Bajorans" and he flipped Athos IV for a dual-HQ deck... Maquis & Bajorans! I enjoyed seeing TV's deck and his dilemma maneuvering, but this game ended frustratingly for me. With my score at 85, a planet and space mission already completed, I attempted my third mission for a FW attempt on my last turn, his "Racial Tensions" snuffed my 6 personnel (4 Vorta, 2 others) completion. To end our game, TV finished his turn with only one mission completed (I felt confident in a MW)... and proceeded to snag BOTH his remaining missions (for a full win; Super Eddington ftw) due to an impressive Krim/Kira Meru/Shakaar fiasco during my dilemma plays. It was epic, but it wasn't until that last turn that I realized I had had my "Parallel Course" for most of the game, neglecting to remove dilemmas from his missions for at least three turns (while my "Tenak'telar" hung out at his missions), so my failure to win was entirely my fault. Those extra dilemma draw/spends would have secured my victory. Nevertheless, a great game, and a good learning experience. FL 100-85.

Round 2ByeBY (0)
I blame Ish for a bye and we played a brief pick-up practice game.

Round 3KlingonCarlos MayaMW (+15)
I had already overheard during the first two rounds in which Carlos had blown someone's ship up... so I was fully prepared to stack some Damage cards. My strategy was to build up a large crew (to deposit on a planet mission) and hopefully stall his mission attempts long enough for me to get some missions under my belt. Unfortunately, Carlos scored a mission early with some Ruk/strength behemoths, but my dilemma pile held out long enough for me to catch up. I managed to score two missions, but elected to do some battling of my own for some quick 10 points, carrying me to a MW. It should be noted that the U.S.S. Defiant was destroyed by some angry Klingons...

Round 4TNGThomas KamiuraFL (-65)
TK's "Davies Joyride" deck made its second appearance at a SB tournament in a row (*yawn*). Having had my metaphorical neck snapped against a devious Troi/"you get no ship" combo before, I realized this game would be a race for ships. Unfortunately, Troi showed up quickly, and ships failed to show up until several turns into the game (poor shuffling I guess). I concentrated on using Dukat and my dilemmas to erase TK's personnel as soon and as often as possible (putting Admiral Riker out of play was key in the last couple of turns), but I had no reasonable chance of catching up once TK had finished his first two missions. I was very pleased with my dilemma pile and my ability to play to my deck's strengths (and TK's deck's weaknesses - few), but in the end, I succumbed to a 100-50 defeat.